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Pennywise strain
Pennywise cannabis strain

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Jesus Brandi
reviewed a strain
I wanted to like this strain so much because it’s named after my fav horror villain lol but it gave me too much of a head high which I’m not a fan of. Once the head high subsided, it was a nice mellow high. Didn’t do much for my anxiety or depression. Have a nice burning sensation in the problem back areas though.
Weldon Sparano
reviewed a strain
I struggle with anxiety and depression and this worked ok for me. It had a light buz which is more than I expected since it’s high CBD. It helped me to feel more relaxed. It smells nice sweet lemon
Mary Smith
reviewed a strain

One of the reasons why I registered with PN was because they had "Pennywise" listed as one of their strains. Pennywise is a fairly well known strain, and many people have professed that it is one of their favorite CBD strains because it is supposed to have a super tasty terpine profile.

The phenotype that I received from PN should have been renamed nickleback, because the terp profile was plain, tasteless, and disappointing. There was a faint trace of a piney scent inside the container and a really mild hint of piney flavour, but mostly it just tasted like leaves.

For me, presentation is key - and from what I've seen from PN so far, they appear to lack concern for the quality of the final product. It looked like there may have been good trichrome production on the flowers, but it was impossible to tell because the buds had the apperance of riverstones that were beaten, rolled around and compacted prior to/during curing. I bought some of their coastline at the same time, and the buds from both strains were so poorly handled before I got them that it was virtually impossible to tell them apart visually.

As a 1:1 strain, the effects were about as mild as I expected them to be. It took the edge off - nothing more, nothing less. I was able to go about my day and be productive on average pain days.

Overall, there was nothing that really made this strain stand out. The phenotype was average at best, and their post-harvest handling created a less than appealing final product with a squashed look and muted terpine profile. I will not pay $9/g for this product again.

Louis Harding
reviewed a strain

I am new to cannibis treatment, so this is one of the first flowers I tried. I liked its almost 50-50 ratio, since I can't handle a lot of THC yet.

Initially, this strain was quite relaxing, giving full body calmness and relaxation. I felt very at ease, my tailbone pain had become very mild, and I didn't experiance any negative symptoms (I usually worry I will become paranoid, none of that here!).

I did not get couch lock, but was content sitting and playing some video games (my tailbone makes it impossible to sit at times, so this was big!)

The effects didn't last too long, maybe 1.5 hours. Could be becuase I did not have too much- loooow and slooooow sinve I am new :)

John Wilson
reviewed a strain
Knocks me right out. Yawning starts15 min of usage
Willie Sweeney
reviewed a strain
Before I use this strain I tend to overanalyze a lot of things. I also have sore muscles and stiff joints. So when I use this strain my muscles and joint pain is decreased a fair bit. Which helps was doing things around the house and it also helps. With calming my mind making it easier for me to think realistic and not get myself worked up.
Alan Lopez
reviewed a strain

Before using this product my mind was cloudy and bouncing around from the ad/hd while using the product I feel completely at ease and relaxed .

Rickey Griffiths
reviewed a strain
I have generalized anxiety and am a registered patient, prescribed maximum THC of 13% and unlimited CBD. My options then are for a nice THC/CBD blend. Pennywise, meets the criteria, producing a nice tasty fog in my little water pipe :) fruity and spicy at the same time. Really nice relaxed, happy onset that peaked 1/2 hour in. A very relaxing ride up... Very social, up strain that left me aware and almost giddy at times. Great for stress reduction. Beautiful full-bodied aroma on opening the well packaged Canada Post delivery that arrived in two days! Nice nugs that were just right. Well done Peace Naturals.
Derek Heatly
reviewed a strain

Nice Starin with a higher CBD content.. This is a great strain for a mellow feel without getting too high.. Helps with stress and anxiety instanlt.

Ronald Peery
reviewed a strain

Well trimmed and cured. Nugs looked nice however were small. Good for pain/CBD medication throughout the day.

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What is Pennywise?

Pennywise delivers mild cerebral high that induces euphoria and mental clarity. The invigorating buzz is accompanied by physical high. The strain has a pungent smell with notes of wood. The taste features sweetness and woody notes. The green buds of Pennywise are studded with small white trichomes that cover colorful leaves like confectioner’s sugar.

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