How Sweedsy Work - Medical Marijuana Delivery FAQ - Sweedsy How Sweedsy Work - Medical Marijuana Delivery FAQ - Sweedsy
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How it works

We made it simple for you.

You pick a location. We look for nearby dispensaries. You choose a suitable dispensary, pick a favorite product and place an order. Courier is on the way!

Questions? Check our detailed FAQ.

How old should I be to sign up for Sweedsy?

You must be at least 18 years old.

How to choose?

When you picked your location, our crafty robots look for nearby dispensaries and deliveries. You will see a map with available retailers. Pick the one you prefer. You will see listings of suggested products. Take a closer look at descriptions. Don’t know where to start? Check out our Guide to Strains and Medical Marijuana Mythbusters Section.  

How much cannabis can I order at once?

Up to 28 grams at a time.

How to order weed online?

Picked something? Get verified to order. Click on the product to add it to the basket. Check if you want something else. Go straight to checkout. Confirm your order. Get delivery or pick up your package in-store. Amazing, huh?

Is it hard to get verified?

Not at all. The verification process may take a few minutes. Sometimes we will need some additional information. Our team will contact you.

How does medical marijuana delivery work?

After you confirm your order, a dispensary or delivery gets it directly. They confirm it and give you ETA for delivery. Fast and trained drivers will get it to you as soon as possible. Wait for it!

Can I order cannabis without a doctor’s prescription?

No. You need a doctor’s prescription to be eligible to order.

Where do I get my prescription?

Oh, you don’t have a prescription. No worries. Just pick your location, choose a ‘Doctor’ option in our search form and wait – our crafty robots will look for doctors’ offices nearby. Make an appointment and get your prescription.

Can I get my prescription online?

Yes. A doctor will conduct good-faith exam at office or you can make an appointment and get your prescription online. No kidding.

Where can I find more information about medical marijuana?

Check out our Medical Marijuana Mythbusters section. You will find all the answers. We did it for you. Go ahead.

Is it legal?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes. You can possess marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation or approval. A medical marijuana recommendation is legally required for all patients who receives treatment with cannabis in California. Once a patient has obtained a recommendation, they are eligible to access high-quality medicine in the state.

According to Proposition 215, California physicians have provided letters of recommendations or approval to patients. Physicians are protected from civil sanctions or criminal prosecution for recommending cannabis.

Don’t believe us? Read more here.

To get more information, contact your medical practitioner or visit Americans For Safe Access.

Is it safe?

Yes, if you use consciously and enjoy responsibly.

Check our Guide to Usage.

Do you protect my privacy?

Yes. We guarantee security and privacy of patient information. We store it in an HIPAA compliant & encrypted database.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

You’ll find payment options for each dispensary. Most of our partners accept cards and cash.

Do you accept health insurance?

Dispensaries differ. You’ll find such information on their pages. However, most of our partners do not accept health insurance.

I want to contact you.

Go here.