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10 Things Weed Lovers Cannot Agree On


Cannabis community has been changing rapidly. New products win fans, old-schoolers become skeptical about concentrates and edibles, medical consumers fight over cannabinoids and their effects. Here go ten most essential things on which weed lovers cannot agree.

1. To smoke or vape?

Vaping fans argue that vapor is safer than smoking. Many also say that vaping tastes better and gives overall better consumption experience. However, some people prefer old-school ways. They smoke their herb and enjoy it a lot.

2. Outdoor vs. Indoor

Usually, buds grown outdoors differ in shape and size and are less uniform than buds grown inside. However, smokers who are committed to outdoor-grown weed argue that it has particular complexity and odor that cannot be reproduced indoors. On the other hand, fans of indoor-grown weed claim that in this case, the end product is consistent in shape, size, potency, and taste.

3. Joints? Spliffs? Blunts?

Some love to roll joints. Some are passionate about twisting spliffs. Others will not smoke anything except blunts. It is a matter of taste and to each his own.

4. Sativa? Indica? Hybrid?

The conventional wisdom is that sativas give you a head high, indicas give you a body high, and hybrids give something in-between.

Some people prefer one type of strain over the other, depending on their preferences and goals. However, everything is cross-bred now, and it is hard to say what is what. So, everything is, in fact, hybrids. End of discussion.

5. Wrap it

Many cannabis connoisseurs have strong preferences for specific brands of wrapper they use. Some love Backwoods; some prefer Dutch Master; some buy only Swisher Sweet. It is up to you what you use but — everybody has their own quirks.

6. To eat or not to eat

Do you like smoke your weed or eat it? Some people prefer smoking only. Others cannot tolerate smoke or vapor, so they prefer eating their herb. The best way to consume cannabis is what suits you and your needs.

7. Concentrates

Concentrates are a new black. There is plenty of different types: shatter, hash oil, live resin, wax, and so on. Serious dabbers have their favorites and it can cause some serious disagreements.

Moreover, the method used to make the concentrate also matters. Alcohol, butane, CO2, and other homemade solutions have their fans in the whole community.

8. Where to buy

In the age of legal weed, it is a no-brainer to be a supporter of legal weed. But not everyone seems to be on the same page.

Many people are afraid that the cannabis industry becomes a corporate monopoly. This move is opposite to what the weed community traditionally is. People with this mindset still prefer to buy weed from their dealer, even if the dispensary is around the corner.

9. THC, CBD or all together?

Medical marijuana consumers are busy debating whether it is effective to consume isolated cannabinoids. This debate most often pops up around CBD products. Medicinal properties of this cannabinoids are out of questions, but many people think that isolating cannabinoids is counterproductive. They point out at something called “the entourage effect,” which is basically the idea that cannabinoids are more potent when they interact with each other.

10. Flower or Concentrate?

The last but not the least is a question of preference: flower or concentrate? Old-schoolers claim that smoking buds are the most efficient way to discover taste and smell. They also love the preparation routine which includes breaking the bud, grinding it, rolling it up, and lighting it up.

Dabs give more potent, more pure flavors and experiences. For serious dabbers, the dabbing process is the one and only, and they will never go back to smoking.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis community is diverse and dynamic. Many arguments are the questions of preference. Just pick up what you love and enjoy it to the fullest!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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