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Green Christmas: Skip The Alcohol, Roll The Joint


Tis’ the season!

Christmas is all around us, and it’s a perfect time to watch ‘Love Actually,’ cuddling and drinking a glass of…


Probably, you better enjoy a joint than wine. Research published in Scientific Reports ranked recreational drugs according to their toxicity, and cannabis – surprise! – ended up at the bottom of this list. Guess who’s got the first place? Alcohol.

Cannabis turns out to be 114 times less deadly than alcohol when using the margin of exposure approach that allows to measure a substance’s ratio of toxicological threshold and estimated human intake. Alcohol, heroin, tobacco, and cocaine are the ‘high risk’ category with meth and ecstasy rated ‘medium risk.’ This data confirms previous research on the topic.

However, cannabis is still Schedule I drug (and it seems DEA won’t change it soon), alongside with ecstasy and heroin. Notice, that cocaine, meth, and opiate painkillers with a high abuse potential are in Schedule II. Interesting, right? There’s how much people died from opioids in the last 15 years. From cannabis? Zero.

What about alcohol? Oh, well, it’s not scheduled. But the science says otherwise: alcohol kills many people every year. We have the empirical proof that cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, let alone heroin and cocaine. Ongoing research shows potential benefits of cannabis in treatment PTSD, epilepsy, anxiety, pain, etc.

So, probably this Christmas should be green and relaxed. Try edibles or experiment with tinctures. Have you heard about cannabis wine? If not, give it a try. New Year is a time for discovery.

Skip the bottle, roll a joint!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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