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The Art of Dispensary – Best in America


Cold, cold February. Patriots won Super Bowl. The weather is pretty bad. You feel blue, and disturbing signs of tiredness creep into your daily life.

It is time to travel! Pack your bags, order a cozy Airbnb flat and go exploring. America is big and beautiful, and there is plenty of places where you could go. If you’re up to some quality cannabis tourism or just like to visit wonderful places, here are ten most beautiful dispensaries in the U.S. Some are just beautiful; some are situated in historical buildings, but all of them are worth your attention.



Missing sunlight and sounds of the ocean? Welcome to the great state of California.

Barbary Coast

952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

Bricks and Oriental-style rugs make Barbary Coast unique. Situated in San Francisco’s historic re-light district, the place speaks luxury; it breathes multicultural vibe with a hint of forgotten spirit of Prohibition-era jazz clubs. Come in, relax in beautiful chairs and dive into a thoughtfully crafted menu.


4811 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA

Remember the last time you shopped at your local market? Harvest will bring this feeling of everything natural, organic, and healthy back. Petite metal shopping baskets allow you to pick products you like – the place has a tastefully chosen array of brands. Wooden shelves are perfect for presenting flowers in their gorgeous beauty.

Bud & Bloom

1327 E St. Gertrude Pl., Santa Ana, CA

Industrial chic & skillful craft. Brick walls, wooden floor – the place itself speaks of industrial spirit and attention for details. A white marble countertop where budtenders carefully weigh out flowers reminds of good ol’ department stores but equipped with iPads and cannabis.



Looking for something new and inspiring? Oregon is for you.

Serra – Downtown

220 SW 1st. Ave., Portland, OR

Classic building with matte black façade looks exactly like a luxurious boutique. Simple and hip, it offers a clear view of display cases set across the floor. Spacious and bright – the place is perfect for presenting cannabis at its finest.


916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

The place redefines the concept of the clinic; with smooth and clean surfaces, bright lights, and white walls, the dispensary claims professionalism and dedication to the best service possible. With small touching details, the place makes you feel good and safe.



Massachusetts – a place to live and feel.

New England Treatment Access – Brookline

160 Washington St., Brookline, MA

No one could expect this building to be a home of the dispensary. An impeccable piece of architecture in the heart of the birthplace of JFK – it took three years and a lawsuit to make it happen. It’s pleasure to be inside: the place is designed by Swiss-American architect Franz Joseph Untersee whose primary specialization is Catholic churches.



A great place, incredible history, awesome people.

Dispensary 33

5001 N Clark St., Chicago, IL

Harmony with nature – it is how you describe this Chicago’s dispensary. It celebrates cannabis and its healing power in every detail, starting with line-drawn murals of the plant. Wide windows set in a white brick wall allows the light to fill the place and highlight the beauty of wooden floor and front desk.



Just beautiful. And legal. What else can you ask for?


1100 W Dillon Rd. D-3, Louisville, CO

Futuristic, beautiful, and inspiring. It looks like if Steve Jobs would have opened a dispensary instead of crafting iMacs. The place is a piece of art, with colorful lights illuminating the ceiling and glass display cases. On-screen menu makes choosing easy and convenient while an impeccably organized wall of drawers command respect. Probably, it’s how cannabis dispensary would look if we settle on Mars.



The land of Grand Canyon and wild nature. Go explore!

Level Up

14980 N 78th Way, Ste. 204, Scottsdale, AZ

Sophisticatedly designed by High Road Design Studio, a dispensary-focused firm known for its successful project in the industry, the place calms down and bring ease and joy to its customers. It looks like a spa and gives you a feeling of relaxation in every detail, with deep dark green and gray colors illuminating the beauty of the plant.



Mount Ranier is calling you. And you should go.


1944 1st Ave. S, Seattle, WA

Dive in. Aquamarine walls, burnt sienna – the place is artistic and beautiful, with a colorful mix of tastefully chosen products. Forget about Seattle weather, dissolve in magic.

Adventures are waiting for you just around the corner of your house!

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(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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