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Best Marijuana for Anxiety – Choosing the Right Strain for Balance and Relief

The relationship between marijuana and anxiety is complicated. However, the number of people turning to marijuana in improving wellness is gradually growing. Although there is still little scientific research in this field, there are new reports stating that marijuana can provide a calming experience and reduce anxiety.

Researchers from the University of São Paulo carried a small study of patients dealing with a generalized social anxiety disorder. After consuming CBD, they reported a substantial decline in anxiety. To validate patients’ reports researchers conducted brain scanning that revealed cerebral blood flow patterns in patients consistent with anti-anxiety effects.

Another research studied patients who were asked to take part in the simulation of a public speaking test. The research revealed that participants reported significant reductions in anxiety. The findings were backed with anxiety indicators like blood pressure and heart rate. 

What Are the Best Marijuana Strains for Dealing with Anxiety?

Cannabinoids attach to various receptors in the human brain. Different marijuana strains have distinctive levels of cannabinoids, so they may affect each person differently. Real user feedback discovered by Sweedsy cannabis strains review engine also highlights that some cannabis users find relief for their anxiety while using certain strains.  Here’s the list of marijuana strains that can help you deal with anxiety, picked with the help of real people’s feedback.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a hugely popular hybrid with the prevalent Indica side reaching up to 75%. This plant is cultivated from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. THC content varies from 17% to 23% inducing happy elation and strong head buzz along with deep relaxation and a peaceful state of mind. Granddaddy Purple has a distinctly pleasant grape scent with sweet fruity and berry undertones. The taste reminds of piney earthiness with citrus hints lingering upon exhale. 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, appeared as a result of crossbreeding a pure Sativa Haze, a Sativa hybrid Skunk #1 and a 95% Indica Northern Lights #5. Due to such a rich background, Jack Herer has several variations, each possessing different properties. Still, many patients report the stimulating effect.

The strain has a loamy aroma with hints of wood and pine. Jack Herer has won multiple awards for its potency and quality and is most preferred by patients with anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, headache, stress, and other ailments of that kind.

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC has received multiple awards and has already caught the fancy of many customers. Created through crossing the Sativa-dominant OG Kush and 100% Sativa Durban Poison, GSC is considered to be one of the best Indica strains for treating anxiety.  With the THC level of up to 28% and a distinctive sweet and earthy aroma. The strain is mostly consumed by the patients dealing with anxiety, migraines, depression, appetite loss as it provides full-body relaxation while keeping you happy and uplifted at the same time.


As a cross-breed between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, Pennywise resulted in an indica-dominant weed with the 1:1 CBD to THC ratio of up to 12% each.Thanks to its rich CBD compound, this strain is recommended for patients suffering from anxiety. It doesn’t feature strong psychoactive effects, thus keeping you more relaxed and calm throughout the day. As soon as consumed, the strain gives you a little body buzz and makes you feel a bit euphoric.  

Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is a Indica-dominant strain that features a high THC-level of up to 21%. Many consumers say that it gives you a full-body relaxation, takes away all of your bad thoughts, and produces a coach-locking effect, thus putting you to sleep quickly. While it is recommended for fighting anxiety symptoms, the strain can also help patients suffering from insomnia, as well as mild pain. 

Blue Dream

Despite its relatively high THC content, Blue Dream is a perfect day-time medicine to help you fight major anxiety symptoms and depression while keeping your mind clear and focused. The strain produces gentle physical ease without heavy sedative effects to follow. As a result, you get the energetic effect but stay calm and social. 


ACDC is an evenly balanced phenotype created from Cannatonic, a strain with high CBD levels, and Ruderalis. The 1:20 THC:CBD ratio is an outstanding trait, which means this phenotype doesn’t have any mind-expanding effects. ACDC’s CBD level is 20%, according to tests, and such concentration helps medical patients in treating anxiety, pain, epilepsy, degenerative disorder, PTSD, and also in dealing with the negative effects of cancer treatment, all this with zero intoxication. The strain features a pleasant smell reminiscent of sweet citrus with some earthy notes.

Northern Lights

The strain is said to trace its roots back to Afghani landrace strains, the exact origin of this gem is veiled in obscurity and too difficult to define. THC content ranges from 16% to an impressive 21% that makes Northern Lights one of the most potent Indicas available on the market. The effects can be described as powerful full-body relaxation, which develops itself to happy elation burst. This sensation gradually leaves a user firmly nailed to a couch giving them a night of peaceful sleep in the end. This strain features a pretty distinctive scent reminiscent of sweet spice with some citrus notes. Northern Lights tastes just like it smells. 


Sativa dominance of the Harlequin strain is hovering around 75%. The THC content is low and ranges from 4% to 10% while its enormous CBD levels are varying around 6-15%. The strain induces uplifted and happy effects with mind-calming relaxation without significant sedation most strains produce. The strong sweet and earthy aroma is mixed with citrus and mango undertones. The flavor is a pleasant blend of herbal earthiness with woody, spicy, and fresh piney hints. 

Is a High CBD or THC Strain Better for Anxiety?

While some patients experience relief of stress, worry, panic, and other anxiety-related symptoms, others may feel increased paranoia and anxiety. The negative reaction is usually associated with high THC levels, but what many people don’t realize is that nowadays there are many strains with little to no THC. Strains with little THC but rich in CBD content are real game-changers for anxiety patients; however, it doesn’t mean strains that contain THC should be avoided.

It is known that THC and CBD interact with parts of the brain that affect anxiety. At low doses, THC can reduce anxiety in some people too. It is said that high THC levels in a strain increase the risk of having anxiety however many reviews by marijuana users reveal that it’s not always true – some strains with high THC content work perfectly for patients suffering from anxiety. CBD is more reliable in that respect. A few studies indicate that a higher THC to CBD ratio is more likely to cause anxiety while a lower ratio may relieve it since CBD balances out THC.

As marijuana continues to become legalized for medicinal and recreational use in many states, more and more people consider it as an alternative treatment for anxiety. While the connection between marijuana and anxiety is not well researched yet, especially when it comes to long term effects, many patients with anxiety are benefiting from marijuana.

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