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10 Best Strains for Pain Relief (Which Really Work)

Cannabis has been proven to have positive therapeutic effects for people suffering pain of different causes, however you should keep in mind that this type of treatment is still very individual. We’ve studied our community feedback specifically for strains with pain-relief effects references to put together a list of the top 10 strains for pain treatment. 

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain

Pink Kush

Pink Kush is a hybrid strain with an Indica prevalence of 90% and is one of the best strains for back pain relief and other types of pain. Due to its high CBD content of approximately 17%, this strain gives you a fast and smooth pain reduction even in small doses. Besides the pain-relieving effect, Pink Kush also helps to fight insomnia and is known for its couch-lock effect which means that this strain is better to be used in the evening or during the night time. The buds have a sweet and a bit flowery smell with a bit of earthy aftertaste which doesn’t reduce its overall positive effect. 


Argyle is a pure Indica strain which has a perfect 1:1 THC and CBD ratio up to 10% each to give you greater pain relief but also to keep you active throughout the day. Users describe it to have a very smooth and clean high effect that will not prevent you from doing your usual daytime activities. Argyle will become your perfect solution for chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, and can also be useful for treating anxiety and mood disorders. The strain has a clear herbal smell with a bit of fruity and candy aftertaste which makes its consumption more pleasant and appealing. 

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is an extremely popular and award-winning hybrid Indica-based strain that became the all-time favorite choice of medical marijuana users. This strain is considered to be one one of the best cannabis strains for pain for almost immediate and long-lasting relief that helps fight severe pain and gives you a full body relaxation for a couple of hours. It is described to have a sweet and a bit earthy smell. GSC is a quite strong strain due to its high THC content of 28% so make sure to try inhaling a small dosage first to feel the desirable effect.

Penelope (CBD Skunk Haze)

Penelope strain also known as CBD Skunk Haze is a hybrid with the prevalence of sativa. It is known for its great therapeutic effect for aches and pain of various causes and is one of the best strains for nerve pain. The THC and CBD content is relatively at the same level and helps patients to receive a great pain-relieving effect without feeling tired and stoned, however, people with a low THC tolerance may not feel completely sober when using Penelope. The strain has a peppery and herbal smell due to its terpene content but is described to have a smooth taste when vaping or smoking. 


Bakerstreet is one of the Indica strains for pain relief with an earthy flavor and a sweet fruity aftertaste. Its relatively high THC content of 28% helps to provide a long-lasting pain-relieving effect. This strain can become your all-time favorite choice among available strains for back pain relief. Besides, this strain will make you relaxed for a while and is helpful for people suffering from stress disorders and mood swings. Bakerstreet will be a perfect choice at the end of the day to give you a calming effect quickly after the first inhale. 

Boaty McBoatface

Behind the name of the underwater vehicle hides one of the sativa-dominant and high in CBD content strains that helps you fight various types of pain in no time. Due to its low THC content, the strain keeps your mind clear and focused throughout the day and is one of the best weed for pain relief. The strain tastes more on the herbal and spicy side and is quite intense. Boaty McBoatface strain will help you fight muscle spasms, as well as anxiety and nausea. 

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is known to be one of the favorite hybrid strains among medical marijuana users due to its great calming effect and pain-relieving capabilities. The strain has a prevalence in Indica of 55% and has a medium THC content of approximately 17%. It helps to feel the pain relief quite instantly and keeps you relaxed which means that a higher dosage can also let you fall asleep faster. Since it’s a combination of White Widow and Blueberry weeds, the strain has a sweet berry flavor that keeps you in a good mood and lifts your spirit. 

CBD Kush 

CBD Kush is one more hybrid strain on the list with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD content. The strain is perfect for people looking for mild pain relief and a clean high effect and is better to be used during the night time. Since the THC content doesn’t exceed 7%, CBD Kush will be also a great choice for patients with a low THC tolerance. Thanks to its calming effect, this strain can also help fight insomnia. CBD Kush is one of those weeds that works perfectly if mixing with other types of medical marijuana strains for a more intense effect. 

Super Lemon Haze

This strain became a winner of the Cannabis Cup two times in a row and is considered to be one of the most favorite and the best weed for pain management. This 80% sativa-dominant strain with a medium THC content will take your pain away but keep your head clear and mind focused. As it is clear from the name, Super Lemon Haze has a strong citrusy flavor with a bit of pepper aftertaste which makes it very pleasant to smoke. Besides pain relief, the strain also helps deal with anxiety issues and stress.

White Walker Kush

This hybrid strain with a 22% THC content is the answer to your pain issues and mood swings. The strain makes you very relaxed and provides mild pain relief. White Walker Kush has a strong sedative effect which helps you fight headaches, muscle spasms and cramps. Besides, it gives you the uplifting feeling and a bit of euphoria to keep you in a good mood instantly after the first use. The strain has a mild earthy flavor and is better to be used during the evening time.

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