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Budder Weed: Easiest Way To Discover Concentrates


If you are new to cannabis or dabbing, budder weed is here for you. Budder is one of the most popular and easiest ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates. The consistency of the product is mellow and thick, a perfect balance between sappy oil and shatter. Budder is made by dousing weed in butane/CO2 and purging it out until it becomes a pure cannabis extract.

What is the difference between budder weed and crumble?

When people talk about budder weed, they often mean any creamy cannabis concentrate. So what’s the difference between budder and crumble?

Both look pretty similar, but there is an easy way to figure out what is in front of you. If the consistency is dry and reminds of cheese, it is a crumble. If it is moist and easy to scoop, it is a budder.

On the other hand, wax can look like a budder as well. The extraction process depends on many factors, including temperature, solvent or pressure. If a producer chooses to use propane instead of butane, the end product will have ‘buddery’ consistency.

Why should I use budder weed?

As we mentioned before, budder is a great choice for beginners. Budder is easy to dab, doesn’t have a high amount of cannabinoids, possesses intense and rich aroma, and provides users with therapeutic smoke. If you do not want to start with shatter or afraid of oil, budder is your friend. Ask a local budtender about budder weed and available flavors.

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