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Canada to Legalize by July 1, 2018 – What You Need to Know

Canada to Legalize Marijuana in July 2018

According to CBC recent report, Canada’s Liberal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is expected to propose legislation that will legalize the full adult use of cannabis by July 1, 2018. The announcement allegedly will happen on April 10.

The government chose to follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force, which conducted a thorough review of the best legal practices around the world. The report suggests a separation of powers between the federal, provincial, and municipal government. All of them are expected to have a share in the tax revenue cannabis economy is projected to generate.

The federal government will control the licensing of cannabis growers. Currently, medical marijuana producers get their licenses from Health Canada and distribute medicine to patients through the mail. Following the proposition, the provinces will establish rules of distribution for adult use and possibly control a provincial cannabis tax.

A minimum purchasing and possession age is 18. Each province will get the ability to set a higher age limit.

It’s not clear whether existing unlicensed medical cannabis dispensaries would be allowed to apply for a federal or province permit. For example, in Vancouver such businesses are city-licensed, but in Toronto, they are subject to police crackdowns.

What Would Happen After July, 2018?

Canadians will be allowed to grow up to four plants per household. It’s a big win for cannabis advocates because law enforcement heavily protested against any home cultivation.

Federal legalization would begin by July 1, 2018. However, similar to California, a legal retail market may take a bit longer. Each province will have to create its regulatory system before issuing any licenses.

The Liberal Party of Canada adopted the legalization of cannabis in 2012 after it was supported by more than 70% of the party delegates at a national convention. During his campaign to become Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau expressed commitment to this policy.

If approved, the proposition will become law by July 1st, 2018, which is coincidentally Canada Day. We cross our fingers and wish fellow Canadians the best!


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