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Canada To Legalize in Early 2017: Details

Canada to Legalize Marijuana in July 2018

Rejoice, Canada!

Canada’s Task Force on Marijuana Legalisation and Regulation released their recommendations on Tuesday morning. Anne McLellan, Task Force Chair, stated that it is time to halt prohibition and bring a system of federally legal and regulated cannabis. It means that the country should create ‘a viable legal market, to replace the entrenched illicit market that exists in Canada today.’

Earlier, during his campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared his support for legalization. In June, the government appointed the Task Force to study the issue and develop recommendations. They have spent five months visiting Colorado, Washington state, and Uruguay, where they met with government officials who shared their experience with legalization. The Task Force gathered opinions of more than 30,000 Canadians and met with officials, patients, advocates, and opponents across the country.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, they finally released the report. It advises an immediate legalization, however, the process will kick in in the spring of 2017.

Highlights of the Canadian report include:

  • An immediate movement towards full federal and provincial legalization, with regulations implemented and enforced by provincial governments;
  • A legal purchasing age of 18;
  • A public health approach to cannabis regulations;
  • Development and establishment of a uniquely Canadian system;
  • Avoiding to adopt a per se limit for impaired driving because the science is not clear what THC blood level means impairment;
  • Certain activities to remain illegal, including growing cannabis underground and distributing cannabis among minors;
  • A diversity of cannabis producers is desirable, and the government should allow entities producing on the black market to become legal;
  • There is nothing about amnesty to those already convicted of cannabis crimes; it remains to Minister of Justice;
  • Current laws and penalties should be upheld until the new law would be passed and enforced.

So, the blueprint is out, fellow Canadians. Now, you need to move forward and show the rest of the world how you do it in Canada!

We wish you all the best!


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