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Cannabis For Athletes: 6 Ways To Boost Performance


No pain, no gain. It is a motto of all athletes around the world. To achieve the top, they spend countless hours training. Naturally, their bodies crave relief and relaxation between tough training sessions and contests.

For many, cannabis fulfills these needs. While research in this field is still insufficient, athletes have been using cannabis for a long time. Undeniable benefits make even the toughest league reconsider their stance on marijuana use.

There are some ways athletes employ cannabis in their training and resting routines.

1. Fight pre-game anxiety

Big games are stressful even for top athletes. Adrenaline is pumping; the heart is trying to break free from the chest. In this condition, the focus may slip, and no athlete wants that to happen.

The endocannabinoids help mind and body to relax. It does not mean that athletes should get high on THC before the game — but the small amount may help to fight anxiety.

2. Reduce Pain

The pain issue is a hard topic in the NFL. The average NFL starter suffers extreme pain once retired. This issue needs a solution, and the faster it comes, the better.

Today, more and more players press the league to permit CBD as a pain treatment and reduce inflammation. The NFL is moving very slowly toward this decision, but athletes turn to CBD regardless — their bodies need it.

3. Get Runner’s High

The famous “runner’s high” is a feeling when you finish a run and the hormones rush in, bringing instant joy. Endorphins enter your bloodstream, and the run becomes easier. CBD can do the same thing — and help out your body to fight the pain and tension.

4. Increase Endurance

Many distance runners today rely on the benefits of cannabis for endurance. Marathoners are the most active advocates of mixing running and cannabis. The more you run, the better you understand the importance of cannabis for your body. It helps to alleviate pain, increase endurance, and boost endorphins. It is especially important if you are running a marathon. Or an ultra marathon.

5. Improve Focus

Athletes need to sharpen their focus before the game. THC can help to bring the mental game on the top.

THC eliminates inhibitions and athletes can take bigger risks. It also inspires fearlessness and encourages singular concentration on a goal. The cannabis helps many to enter their “zone” where they perform with sharp precision.

6. Celebrate The Victories

Champions are used to pop champagne to celebrate their win. However, some athletes turn to cannabis — it does not bring hangover and allows to keep the memory of the big night for ages. The Cleveland Cavaliers did precisely the thing while celebrating in their locker room during the 2016-17 NBA finals.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis helps to relieve the pain and sharpen mental game. It is a perfect cure for athletes who want to stay on top for a long time. Even if you are a weekend athlete, you may want to introduce cannabis into your training routine. Just don’t overdo it.

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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