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A Guide To Essential Christmas Gifts For Cannabis Beginners

Christmas Guide to Cannabis Gifts

If you haven’t buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday, you’re probably running in circles trying to find a good present for a cannabis newbie among your friends and family. Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Hand Pipe

Hand Pipe

A little hand pipe will make happy anyone who only begins to enjoy cannabis. It’s easier to handle than a joint and simply beautiful. You can choose a shape, material, and color of a hand pipe and find one even for the most capricious cannabis lover.

Vaporizing Kit

Vaporizing Kit (for oil or flower vaporizing)

Portable, useful, and simple, vaporizers provide an excellent experience for beginners. You will make your cannabis lover truly happy if present them with vaporizer kit and, for example, samples of oils with different flavors. The result won’t disappoint you!

Hard Case

Hard case with smell-proof

It’s a treasure for travelers and hikers. Hard cases will help to take care of cannabis connoisseur’s possessions: pipes, vaporizers, or other things they need to consume cannabis. It also allows carrying paraphernalia discreetly and safely. You won’t loose if you buy one!

Soft pipe cleaners

Soft Pipe Cleaners

Make your cannabis lover a favor and present them with soft pipe cleaners. These are an essential tool for cleaning hard-to-reach spots in pipes, vaporizers, and other glassware. Hygiene is important!



Grinders make joint rolling great again. Swift and careful grinding will provide chopped weed that is perfect for smoking. A good grinder is the best friend of cannabis lover, so choose wisely!

Storage Tin

Storage Tin

One needs to take care of the leafs! A storage tin is a perfect solution for those who love to plan ahead and store reminders of their flowers for the future use. Try to find a tin that will preserve and maintain a quality of weed and humidity of the air.

Oh, wait… we forget the most useful:

Netflix Subscription

Netflix and chill are a perfect combination! What else do we need to say?

Happy Holidays!

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