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All You Need For Christmas is Weed – Best Strains for Holidays

A Guide to the Best Christmas Weed

Jingle bells, jingle bells…
Do you feel Christmas? Yes? Good.


We’ve got some strains to cheer you up. You obviously need it. You can also enjoy them all this week relaxing and unwinding after events of 2016.

For crushing these last days before Christmas:

Durban Poison

– Sativa –

This strain will take your procrastination and apathy away!

Space Jill

– Sativa –

Make it work! Get you in creative mode and take you to the heights of greatness!

OG Kush

– Hybrid –

Classic. If you haven’t tried OG Kush, you do not know what ‘high’ means. Try now!

Dealing with aunties (and best buddies):

Sour Lemon OG

– Hybrid –

Makes everything tolerable and bring the fun. Highly recommended!

Blue Hawaiian

– Hybrid –

Giving you a real Christmas. No matter what.

Bubble Gum

– Hybrid –

Let’s get the party started! A good choice right before a dinner with friends or family.

For romantic Christmas:

Obama Kush

– Indica –

Relax and cuddle. Cuddle more. Smoke some weed together. Have a lovely Christmas, you two.

Jack Frost

– Hybrid –

A perfect pot for a perfect Christmas morning. Grab some hot chocolate, kiss your partner, and bring your favorite vape. Enjoy!

Blue Haze

– Hybrid –

For those who love Christmas and each other. Good sex is an awesome gift.

Bring Da Christmas!


– Hybrid –

Remember all those candies you ate on Christmas in childhood? Yeah. There is a taste of it wrapped in a joint.

Jack Herer

– Sativa –

The only one thing you need for celebration to begin, with a smell of pine and candies.

Fire OG

– Hybrid –

It’s like the best song about Christmas packed in a bud. Seriously, give it a try.

BONUS: For you, if you still don’t have that spirit:

Larry OG

– Hybrid –

Makes everything better. Makes everything brighter. Go and have it.

Purple Voodoo

– Hybrid –

Gives you feelings. Cheers you up. Smells like pine tree. What else to wish for?

Sour Diesel

– Sativa –

Classic. The effect is guaranteed. Bring yourself a little Christmas. This year might have been terrible, but you deserve to relax and recharge.

Merry Christmas!

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