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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number One Hundred Six


The last Sunday of the year is here, and it’s time to think about all the blessings you had this year. It’s also a great occasion to think over progress the weed has gone through so far. Here’s our last weekly digest in 2018, and we gathered articles that recap the main events of the year and give insight into upcoming trends. Enjoy your read!

1. Here’s What to Watch for in Legal Weed in 2019

From weed shortages to edibles sales, there are a lot of issues to sort out.

2. Thailand to Allow Medical Marijuana, a First in Southeast Asia

In a region known for its harsh penalties for illegal drugs, Thailand is set to become the first nation in Southeast Asia to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

3. The Amount Of Weed Seized At The U.S. Border Nearly Tripled After Legalisation In Canada

The amount of cannabis seized by U.S. border officials at the Canadian border nearly tripled during the month after Canada legalized recreational cannabis, and the total number of seizures increased by 60 percent.

4. Legal weed is everywhere — unless you’re a scientist

The push to legalize marijuana may overtake research on medical benefits.

5. California’s legal cannabis marketplace: By the numbers

After one year of broad legal sales, California’s marijuana marketplace remains in transition, as companies adapt to new rules and illegal operators continue to flourish.

6. Can a medical marijuana patient be legally denied a job?

Can someone who is a patient in the New York State medical-marijuana program be denied an opportunity at a civil-service career? If denied, would this be grounds for a lawsuit?

7. Whither the Weed Dealer? One “Care Provider” on What Legalization Might Do to the Black Market

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, outlining the agenda for his upcoming third term, declared his intention to fully legalize cannabis in the state—as ten other states and Washington, D.C., have already done—possibly as soon as early 2019.

Happy New Year!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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