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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Fourteen


It’s Sunday! Lazy in your bed after protesting? Drinking coffee with donuts? Fighting hangover with pizza leftovers? Worrying about the future?

To make your weekend brighter, we’ve gathered seven articles and blog posts around the web. Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. Microdosing Weed: The Definitive Guide — How much marijuana you need for a functional, minimal high

The old trend goes fresh with marijuana legalization. People explore microdosing as a way to stay functional, productive, happy, and focused. Check this article to find out if microdosing is for you.

2. Into the weed: What Utah can expect if medical marijuana is legalized

Utah declines to make marijuana legal, but many patients need it right now. Find out what’s ahead of Utah if legislators would listen to the people.

3. The Health Effects of Cannabis – What’s Inside Report?

A comprehensive report “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids” released by the National Academy of Sciences sparked a whole spectrum of emotions around the nation. But the report states one thing very clear – we need more research.

4. Maine Poised to Push Back Retail Cannabis Until 2018

On Monday, weed in Maine becomes legal. But not so fast: retail will not work until 2018. Don’t forget: growing and possession are legal only for adults of 21 and older.

5. Cannabis for Body – Loving Thyself in Tough Times

For many of us, it was a tough week. Given this stress, many of us risk to develop insomnia, depression, and dive into self-loathing. Find out how cannabis might help you.

6. Georgia eases draconian law on cannabis use

Big win for Georgia! A harsh law that could throw a person to jail for 14 years for a simple possession of weed has become a thing of the past. The fight is still ahead, but it’s a huge step for the country.

7. Wisconsin medical marijuana legalization gaining mainstream support

28 states said yes to marijuana. Is it time for Wisconsin to step up, too? This article says yes. Find out why.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.
See you next Sunday!


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