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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Seventeen


It’s Sunday! Getting over crazy party? Treating hangover with pizza leftovers? Healing your broken heart?

Super! Grab some hot coffee, get cozy, and relax. We gathered seven articles and blog posts from the web – so you could stay updated on the freshest cannabis trends.

1. Wood challenges feds on cannabis, sponsors legislation forbidding co-operation with enforcement

A new Californian bill AB 1578 would prohibit state and local agencies from cooperating with federal enforcement in efforts to halt cannabis businesses unless a judicial exception is made. Serious, huh?

2. Pro-Pot Lawmakers Launch a Congressional Cannabis Caucus

A bipartisan group of four members of the U.S. Congress launched the Congressional Cannabis Caucus on Thursday afternoon and aim to develop policy reforms that can bridge the gap between federal and state laws regarding marijuana.

3. Five Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine For Weed Lovers

For those who happen to be late (no shame, we all have a lot to do these days!) we gathered five last-minute ideas about how to make a date enjoyable for your partner (or for yourself, if you’re happily single and completely in love with yourself).

4. DEA Removes Marijuana Propaganda From Website

Americans for Safe Access filed a petition demanding the DEA eliminate inaccurate information about marijuana from the site. And the agency complied, silently deleting claims about cannabis causing psychosis and cancer. Is it a small step to the big V?

5. Gluten-Free Cannabis Candies For Broken Hearts

Valentine’s Day left you broken-hearted? We feel for you. It’s time to get under the blanket, turn Bridget Jones’ Diary on and indulge in a fresh baked cannabis-infused brownie. But what if you couldn’t stand gluten?

6. Leafly Investigation: California Has a Dirty Cannabis Problem

Trouble in paradise? A survey brought by Leafly suggests fewer than half of California dispensaries lab test the cannabis they sell. It may lead to disastrous consequences for health and safety of consumers and hurt the whole industry. Is it time ring the alarm?

7. Weed Weddings Are Now a Thing

This week, we celebrated love around the world. What can be better than celebrating love with a beautiful wedding? A wedding full of cannabis and joy.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.
See you next Sunday!


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