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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Twenty–One

It’s Sunday! Getting over a crazy party last night? Grab your hot coffee, get cozy, and relax. We gathered seven articles and blog posts from the web – so that you could stay updated on the freshest cannabis trends.

1. Jeff Sessions Says Marijuana Is Only ‘Slightly Less Awful’ Than Heroin. Science Says He’s Wrong

On Wednesday, AG Sessions said that he believes marijuana is “only slightly less awful,” than heroin. Well, science has some solid facts to prove him wrong.

2. Police are using new mouth-swab tests to nab drivers under the influence of marijuana and other drugs

Two machines for drug tests were donated to San Diego police last week. Now, officers have a new way to confirm the presence of marijuana and other drugs in drivers – using a mouth-swab device that is already being used by police in other states.

3. Good Research, Bad Marijuana: Government, You Do It Wrong

Government’s views on marijuana are pretty… interesting. While you have a good laugh, reflect for a minute: can this weed help research on real cannabis?

4. Pot shops are coming. Where to put them?

Dispensaries are coming to Massachusetts but where they should be? A tough decision is up to communities, and some of them are not ready for marijuana in the neighborhood.

5. A Safe Guide to Cooking High – Happy St. Patrick’s!

Munchies are an iconic sign of being high. Cooking itself is a relaxing activity, but doing so while high is another level of joy: marijuana sharpens your senses, and every piece gets full of colors and rich texture.

6. ‘Gateway’ to cannabis relief: Topicals get to the bottom of aches, pains

Seniors in the legal states choose marijuana-infused skin preparations called ‘topicals.’ Why? Because topicals are an excellent way to relieve muscle pain, arthritis, and skin irritation.

7. I Tried the Weed Chocolate That’s Supposed to Make You Super Horny and GIRL, It Worked

What would happen if you mix weed and chocolate to create aphrodisiac? Magic.

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See you next Sunday!


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