Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Twenty–Five - Sweedsy Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Twenty–Five - Sweedsy
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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Twenty–Five


Happy Easter! Grab your hot coffee, get cozy, and relax with your family and friends. We gathered seven articles and blog posts from the web – so that you could stay updated on the freshest cannabis trends.

1. If Jeff Sessions wants to crack down on medical marijuana, he’ll have to battle more than half the country

AG Jeff Sessions wants to bring back the war on drugs – including medical marijuana – but he may be too late. Half of the country has legalized or is on track to legalization. This train would be hard to stop.

2. Marijuana Goes Industrial in California

Recent changes in the pot industry allowed marijuana entrepreneurs think big – and invest big. Now, greenhouses in the Salinas Valley are the next hot spot, often called ‘America’s Cannabis Bucket.’

3. THCV: Effects, Benefits, and Where To Find

THCV stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin. This compound offers unique effects and medical benefits that differ from what we used to see from THC and CBD.

4. Rift opens between the Brown administration and legislators over new marijuana laws in California

A proposal by the Brown administration to revise marijuana laws in California is drawing a backlash. Gov. Jerry Brown wants to merge medical marijuana regulations approved by the Legislature in 2015 with standards set by Prop 64. Lawmakers and police chiefs say it would hurt the fragile balance.

5. In Case of Emergency: How to Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

It was a tough day, and all you need is a good old joint. You light it up; you enjoy every second of it until a text from your mother drops on your screen.
‘Honey, do you remember we have a dinner at Grandma’s?’

6. Teens say pot legalization won’t change their opinions on weed

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s future. They have opinions on everything – and marijuana is one of the hottest topics. Several Canadian teens say that, despite a recently announced upcoming legalization, their views on weed have stayed the same. Find out why.

7. 10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made

April 20 has become the unofficial holiday of marijuana, especially in the growing number of states where weed has been decriminalized. Here go the best places where marijuana history was made – and you may want to visit on 4/20.

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