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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Four

It’s Sunday! Lazy in your bed? Drinking your coffee with donuts? Fighting your hangover with pizza leftovers?

Great! It’s time to find a good read. We’ve gathered seven best blog posts and articles about cannabis just for you. Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. Here’s where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on marijuana legalization

First thing first: elections. Get to know what Clinton and Trump think about one of the most controversial and surprisingly important for Americans thing – weed.

2. Survey of NFL Players Shows Wide Support for Weed

These guys know everything about pain. They also have something to say about pain management, prescription drugs, and ridiculous NFL drug policy.

3. Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis: What Makes Cannabis?

Years of laborious cultivation and fierce prohibition made cannabis famous. However, scientists only started to figure out how it works. What they have found so far leaves us with one profound question: what if all we know about the plant is not entirely correct?

4. Voters ready to legalize pot for tens of millions across U.S.

Five states on the verge of legalization or allowing marijuana for medical purposes. It can potentially lead to loosening federal controls on the drug. If California would pass its Prop 64, it could be a start of the federal discussion about cannabis.

5. A Quick Guide To Clean Water Pipes

Yeah, see that dirt all over? We don’t like it too. We also know that sometimes cleaning seems impossible. But the truth is cruel: dirty bongs are unsanitary and spoil your smoking experience.

6. Want Your Marijuana Startup to Succeed? Study Patent Law

With legalization coming into action, new markets open up. New technologies, companies, and demand for workforce create potential growth in the new sector. Probably, you already have an idea of your next weed startup. Here’s what you need to know to succeed.

7. What does marijuana legalization mean for stoned driving?

With great power comes great responsibility, right? On the verge of legalization, what should we expect in the field of law regarding stoned driving? What’s going to change and who and how will decide what stoned driving is? We still don’t know much about the plant and its effects on the human body, so it’s time to find necessary answers.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.
See you next Sunday!


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