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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Five


This Sunday, we bet, you’re struggling with surprising outcomes of elections or trying to fight hangover after the celebration. Probably, you’re tired from all this media buzz that stormed into your Facebook feed last week. We’ve gathered seven best blog posts and articles to help you summarize what happened.

Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. What Would a Trump Presidency Mean For Cannabis?

Okay, our choice has been made; Americans have spoken. Let’s see what our new President-elect means for cannabis legislation throughout the country. Hint: it can be bad, but now it’s just ambiguous.

2. Where can you now legally smoke marijuana in America?

Now, what? Find out where you can legally smoke marijuana in America. Hint: a lot of places. California is one of the biggest.

3. State of Vote: Cannabis

Take a look at what was at stake – who voted, why, and where did money come?

4. When does California’s marijuana law go into effect?

Here go important dates for those who waited for so long – Californians. Hint: you need to wait. Good news: 2017 is almost here.

5. Now What? – The Day New America Was Born

Activists, business, patients and recreational customers – all won the battle against prohibition and criminalization. Five states decided on adult-use legalization and four, except Arizona, approved the ballots. Skeptics fell flat; Americans has spoken. What’s next?

6. Five immediate concerns for states with new marijuana laws

It’s just the beginning; a lot needs to be done. Banking, regulations, education, legislation – all these requires to be established and thoroughly discussed. The hard work starts now.

7. Obama: Federal Prohibition Not ‘Tenable’ After State Marijuana Votes

Mr. President has something to say, and it’s interesting. Of course, feds will try to figure out how to enforce laws in some places and stop doing it in others. But would it be effective? Doubtful.

Hope it’s going to be alright. Try to rest and relax. Hydrate. Breathe.

See you next Sunday!


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