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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Six


It’s Sunday! Lazy in your bed? Drinking your coffee with donuts? Fighting your hangover with pizza leftovers? Can’t find a way to cope with election’s outcome?

We’ve got your back and want to keep you informed by gathering seven best blog posts and articles about cannabis just for you.

Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”: Trump’s pick for attorney general has legal weed advocates freaking out

President-elect Trump nominated Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next attorney general. And it makes cannabis advocates freak out: Sessions thinks that ‘good people don’t smoke marijuana’ and ‘cannabis is very dangerous.’

2. As More States Legalize Marijuana, Investors And Marketers Line Up

Money. Money is everywhere. The marijuana market turns out to be very attractive for investors, but there are also some special risks. The big draw comes down to basic math: The fledgling legal market for marijuana is around $7 billion.

3. Cannabis Now: State by State Overview

Okay, it’s time to draw a line. Here goes a summary of state-by-state voting results and important dates for cannabis enthusiasts, business owners, and patients.

4.Congress Can Protect Cannabis From the Trump Administration. Here’s How

Yes, Sessions is in. Yes, danger is very palpable. Here’s how it can be prevented.

5.Cannabis Essential: California and Prop 64

Prop 64 has passed. We bet Californians are scratching their heads asking what’s next. It is an interesting question, primarily, because a complicated process of implementation is about to begin.

6. Marijuana Appears to Benefit Mental Health: Study

A new review suggests cannabis may help mental health disorders. Canadian and U.S. researchers recently found out that cannabis can likely benefit people dealing with depression, social anxiety, PTSD among others. However, cannabis may not be beneficial for people with bipolar disorder, but it could help with addition problems.

7. Colorado’s pot paradox: Recreational marijuana is legal, but it’s tough to find a place to consume it

People come to Denver to enjoy some weed and relax. The problem is that there is no place for them to do it. On Nov.8, Denver voters approved the use of cannabis in bars, restaurants, and other public places. Not so fast: state licensing authorities decided that bars and restaurants could not allow pot use on the premises.

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