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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Ninety-One


How’s your Sunday? Lazy? Busy? Whatever it is, give yourself a well-deserved break, grab your favorite cannabis product, and dive into the latest weed news. To keep you up to date we gathered seven articles about cannabis on the web. Enjoy your read!

1. Weed in New Jersey: New Bills Focus on Legalization, Social Justice

In the Garden State, weed will soon be legal — and with it could come a wave of record expungement for people convicted in the past.

2. By next year, you can buy medical marijuana in Hawaii, but you’ll still have to jump through some hoops

Out-of-state medical marijuana users next year will be able to buy cannabis products at dispensaries in Hawaii. The only hitches: Visitors will need to apply online and pay $45 for a temporary Hawaii medical marijuana card that’s valid for 60 days.

3. Cannabis Supply Chains Coming Out of the Shadows

A nascent network of distributors is sprouting in California, taking marijuana business ‘from backpack to briefcase’ in a potential model for national supply chains.

4. Mandatory testing costly for Colorado marijuana growers

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division is requiring pesticide testing for marijuana flower and trim.

5. Oklahoma Doctors to Doubt Medical Marijuana Rules

Enthusiasm for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws could be tempered by hesitant doctors who will be responsible for recommending the drug to patients.

6. Why you shouldn’t dismiss the risk of marijuana addiction

There are real concerns with marijuana addiction. That doesn’t mean legalization is a bad idea.

7. These Canadian Cities Are Still Banning Weed After Legalization

Long live reefer madness.

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See you next Sunday!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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