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Dissolvable Cannabinoids: What Are These?


Edibles are cool, but they still possess an aftertaste or odor of cannabis. For some people, it is quite problematic. Hiding the flavor is one of the hardest tasks in the industry, but it seems things get better.

Meet dissolvable cannabinoids. They come in the form of the flavorless, odorless powder with a faster time of onset and zero calories. However, how do they work?

Why All This Fuss?

Sugary and rich-flavored edibles are designed to mask the natural taste and odor of cannabis. With the potency increasing, the masking becomes even harder. The next problem is that cannabinoids are fat-soluble and hydrophobic. Oily cannabis concentrates are limited in their ability to mix with specific ingredients; thus flavor and/or odor persist.

Dissolvable cannabinoids come in the form of a water-soluble, flavorless powder. It can be added to virtually anything and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the final product. Even a glass of water can be turned into an edible infusion.

How Are They Made?

Making the powder is a quite complicated process. Here are three essential stages.

Stage 1: Emulsification

Production begins with fully decarboxylated distillate and its subsequent emulsifying into a semiliquid mixture by using food-grade surfactants and emulsifiers. Intense mixing breaks the distillate into very tine particles and coats it with surfactants. This is how the hydrophobic cannabinoids become water-soluble.

Stage 2: Drying

The slurry has to dry which means that excess moisture must evaporate over several days. Vacuum ovens are actively used to simplify the process and make it faster. The result of this procedure is a fine, dry powder.

Stage 3: Dosing & Packaging

Dosing dissolvable cannabinoids at the final stage of production requires careful calculation, thorough testing, and precise execution. This stage requires all the attention to ensure quality and safety of the end product.

Why Use Dissolvable Cannabinoids?

Dissolvable cannabinoids have endless potential. In fact, the powder is one of the most versatile cannabis-infused products available on the market today. Small particles are water-soluble and fully activated which means that they become more bioavailable upon consumption.

For example, traditional edibles take up to 90 minutes to kick in. Cannabinoids have to pass through the digestive tract before they are fully absorbed. Water-soluble infusion enters the system more quickly. In this case, a consumer can expect the effects coming in the window of 20 minutes and lasting for four hours. It happens because the absorption begins in the mouth, intestines, and liver at the same time.

Simply said, the powder gives an opportunity to make DIY infusions in any way a consumer wants them to be. Consumers are free to prepare and dose edibles as they pleased. The products are also zero calories which makes it a healthy alternative to traditional edibles.

If you are up to new experiments, dissolvable cannabinoids are your next step. Feel free to make the edibles you like and never look back.

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