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Six Essential Cannabis Tools For Avid Smokers


Smoking weed is quite simple. However, the quality of smoking depends on how you prepare for it. That’s why you need to have a few marijuana smoking tools always ready to go. Here’s a list of some essential tools to begin with.

1. Grinder

Expression Tees

Expression Tees

A grinder is an essential tool for cannabis enthusiasts. If you don’t grind your weed, you won’t get the most out of your bud. Grinding weed increases the surface area which means that there’s more weed to burn (which in turn means better and longer effects).

Grinders come in different shapes and with different price tags which means that you can find a suitable solution even if you’re on a budget. The rule of thumb is to get a basic grinder with sharp blades and a kief catcher.

2. Storage Container

Bud Bar Displays

Bud Bar Displays

Bud needs to be stored, and if you don’t have a storage container, you risk to lose cannabis to mold and heat. Also, the weed will lose its potency, smell, and taste, which is quite sad, isn’t it?

Finding a storage container isn’t that hard. Anything clean with a resealable lid will do. The best place to store your weed is out of direct sunlight, in a slightly cool room temperature, and without excessive humidity.

3. Multi-Tool

The Daily Dot

The Daily Dot

Multi-tools are handy — and you should look for one that features as many marijuana tools as possible. For example, an ideal multi-tool includes scissors, a tamping tool, scrapers, and dab spoons.

4. Rolling Machine

Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging

Some people believe that a rolling machine is a tool for rookies. It’s not true since rolling machines are essential for a quality smoke. Moreover, they are an inexpensive way to get a perfectly rolled joint every time you feel up to smoking.

5. Odor-proof Bag



The odor-proof bag is the safest way to carry your cannabis. You don’t have to hide the weed in ziplock bags anymore. Instead, pick a specially-built bag designed to hide the smell of your pot. There are tons of different options, starting with backpacks and ending with elegant handbags for classy cannabis-loving ladies.

6. Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution

Most smoking pieces today are made out of glass. To avoid getting them too dirty, you may want to have some non-toxic, effective pipe cleaning solution in your smoking kit. You can find specially made solutions for bongs and glass bowls as well, but good old alcohol and kosher salt will do.

The Bottom Line

Smoking tools are essential for a weed smoker. For every listed tool, you can find an affordable option. If you’re into DIY, be creative and repurpose common household items for marijuana use. If your budget is unlimited, the sky is a limit. Whatever you prefer, get a kit that covers all your needs and enjoy your smoking experience!

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