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Gluten-Free Cannabis Candies For Broken Hearts


Valentine’s Day left you broken-hearted? We feel for you. It’s time to get under the blanket, turn Bridget Jones’ Diary on and indulge in a fresh baked cannabis-infused brownie.

‘Wait,’ you’d say. ‘I don’t eat gluten.’

Oops. Your heart drops. Does it mean that fate just gave you another blow?


Growing cannabis industry now offers edibles for almost every patient or recreational consumer. You can find products that not only are safe to eat but are quite tasty.

The products depend on the market and state’s laws. If you have any doubts, consult your budtender and read ingredient labels carefully.


Chocolate with cannabis

Timeless classic! Cannabis-infused chocolate is a popular gluten-free option and a quite potent one. You can find different kinds: from soft, delicious truffles to dark and dry bars. Be sure you don’t eat too much because you could struggle with adverse effects instead of having a good time. Remember to check ingredients – some companies add gluten-containing components, or they can occasionally sneak into the bar during the production process.



Who doesn’t love gummy bears? Usually, they’re made by soaking gummy candies in cannabis oil. Just keep in mind that some dummies are gluten-free, others may contain some traces of it, and there is always a risk of cross-contamination due to production with shared equipment. Read the labels and when in doubt, just ask the manufacturer.

Other Sweets

candies (1)

There is plenty of different candies in the market. Caramels, honey sticks, THC sugar – to name a few. Cannabis-infused gums are the next big thing, especially in the medical market. Many of these are gluten-free, but it won’t hurt to check labels once again and make sure you didn’t pick a hard candy with some traces of wheat and flavor.

Gluten-Free Baked Goodies

Baked Goodies

It’s still tough to find, but there are some gluten-free baked goods made with gluten-free flours (yeah, even brownies!). Some companies even announced that they are working on a development of gluten-free versions of existing products.

BONUS: If you don’t like sweets

Peanut Butter

Savory snacks are there for you. Peanut butter, pizza sauces, gluten-free granola, beef jerky – you choose it. Just remember that some of them can contain soy sauce, which contains wheat. Check labels twice.

Nothing seems of your liking? Go ahead and cook something exclusively for you. Experiment with cannabutter or try tinctures.


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