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A Quick Guide To Your First Cannabis Experience


Feeling adventurous and living in a legal state but don’t know where to start? We have your back. Here’s our Friday guide to getting your first cannabis experience.

Today, the market offers thousands of strains and products. Your friends also seem to consume in many different ways, so advice you always get confuses you even more. But the right choice of cannabis product is a key for enjoyable cannabis experience. Let us help you a bit:

Interview Yourself

interview (1)

Asking the right questions is important for narrowing your options. It is also helpful to understand what you are looking for in cannabis.

Have you ever tried cannabis before?

If you have not tried any marijuana product before, it is better to refrain from dabbing a high-THC concentrate. You may want to start with small amounts of the flower. A low-dose (make sure!) edible will also do.

Can you tolerate smoke? Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

With the help of these questions, you will figure out a suitable delivery method. If you are concerned with lung health, try vaporizers. If you are dieting or allergic, choose topicals or flowers.

When and where are you going to consume?

Need a party boost? You may want a vaporizer pen with sativa. If you want to spend your evening on the couch, take edible. Tough day? Try infused bath product. Tincture helps you when you sick. Infused candies or oral sprays make sure nobody will find out.

Ask your local budtender for help

ask your local budtender

You may be overwhelmed by available information about cannabis products and consumption methods. The noisy flow of articles, reviews, and technology can make your first cannabis experience more fail-prone.

Here comes your personal hero – your local budtender. These industry professionals are trained to guide you through the complex maze of the current market. All you need is to find a local reputable dispensary and head there. Don’t be afraid to ask – you’re entering a wonderful world!

Get to know your head shop

Head shop

After answering the questions above, you may want to try a particular delivery method. Unfortunately, not all dispensaries can offer you a full range of cannabis-related products. In this case, you need to visit your local head shop.

A head shop is a place where you can buy products that will help you to consume cannabis. Many places still advertise as a place for tobacco-related products and differ from specialized cannabis stores. However, ‘water pipe’ retailers are knowledgeable when it comes to smoking – and sometimes, they may tell you even more about pipes and papers, or answer whatever question you have about smoking accessories.

Now you are good to go! If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask cannabis professionals. Remember: there is nothing more important about cannabis that your safe and enjoyable experience.

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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