Cannabis and Coronavirus: Things You Need to Know Cannabis and Coronavirus: Things You Need to Know
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How COVID-19 Affects Your Relationship with Cannabis

COVID-19 brought a significant disturbance to our everyday life. Though little is still known about the virus, what we do know is that sticking to basic weed safety rules can help you prevent its spread and protect yourself.

Basic Tips to Help Cannabis Consumers Stay Healthy

  1. Kick the puff-and-pass custom

While this is one of the greatest pleasures of cannabis, this habit is the surefire way to get infected and spread the virus further. Make sure you have sufficient supply and stick to it, politely neglecting all attempts to share a joint with you. Besides that, try to stay away from other smokers – inhaling is one of the key ways for the virus to spread.

  1. Wash your hands frequently (and use gloves if you can)

Even though you may be washing your hands thoroughly, you’re most likely to touch cannabis nugs with your bare hands, meaning that you can transmit viral particles (or vice versa get infected from others) to others through the high-contact surfaces. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and use gloves when you roll those joints to keep it on the safe side. 

  1. Be cautious with weed smoking while risks of getting infected with COVID-19 are still high

Smoking marijuana isn’t what the doctor recommends when you are at risk of having an infection. Viral infections often display symptoms like muscle aches and pains, sleeping disorders, headaches, and signs of inflammation (fever). Although it is possible that CBD and THC can relieve all of these conditions, there’s little evidence to confirm the effectiveness of cannabis in fighting off colds or flu. It is not recommended to smoke or vape during an active stage of infection, because this can further irritate your lungs. If you are going to consume cannabis during your illness, we consider using edibles as a healthier option. 

  1. Don’t buy into unproven remedies

Expect to see unfounded claims regarding the positive effects of marijuana on coronavirus treatment. Those claims are not valid. There is no credible research on CBD/THC and coronavirus. Such statements are made to capitalize on the public hysteria.

Will Coronavirus Affect Cannabis Product Supplies?

Because all legal marijuana products are made within the state in which they are distributed, industry analysts are not anticipating a shortage of cannabis. On the contrary, the sales are soaring in some states, so marijuana companies seem to be prepared for increased demand.

However, there might be shortages or delays in supplies of certain products, mainly accessories. The majority of vape batteries and cartridges are produced in China and these supply chains are already experiencing slowdowns because of quarantines that affect the Chinese manufacturing industry. Many of the packaging products used by cannabis businesses are also produced in China, so local producers and dispensaries will need to find an alternative. 

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