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Seven Cannabis-Themed Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is here; if you still don’t have a present for your significant other, here’s a list of the last minute ideas. These gifts will be especially appreciated by a cannabis connoisseur in your life — whether you are friends, lovers or spouses, the thoughtful cannabis-themed present will make their heart melt.

Ice Wax Extracts — What Are Those?

ice wax
Ice wax? What the heck is it? If you are asking these questions, we are here to help. Ice wax is one of the most potent, best-tasting concentrates on the market. It has a rich flavor profile and is made without solvents (especially explosive ones, like butane). Instead, this wax is made by using washing machines or buckets filled with ice and water to agitate trichomes. After that, the material is sifted through mesh bubble bags to separate essential oils from plant material. Voila, ice wax is born!