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Ten Songs To Get High To This Fall

You may feel a little bit melancholic, but the best is yet to come this fall. Meanwhile, rejoice in pumpkin lattes and cozy clothes. (If it’s still pretty hot outside where you live, we are jealous.) To cheer you up we suggest getting your favorite cannabis product this evening and tuning into these ten best autumn beats.

Ten Things You’re Going To Do When You’re Super High

A smoke sesh can go different directions: from not getting high at all to get baked in minutes. If you don’t believe in setting limits, you’re more likely to get super high once in a while. Of course, it’s not what smoking weed is all about, but sometimes you just want to find out how high you can get. Here go ten things that more likely to happen if you get there.

How To Pack And Smoke A Bowl For The First Time

Smoking a bowl is the most popular way to consume cannabis. Learning how to pack and smoke it properly is an invaluable lesson in cannabis consumption. Whether you are interested in packing a pipe just for yourself or prepare to share it with friends, you need to understand key fundamental principles that will help turn a bowl smoking in a quality experience for you and your friends.