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Moon Rocks: How To Get An Ultimate High

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If you are looking for an ultimate high, Moon Rocks are the answer. Never heard of them before? No problems — here’s a quick guide to all things Moon Rocks.

Moon Rocks? What is it?

Rumours are that Moon Rocks were created in 2015 by rapper Kurupt. Essentially, it is cannabis buds dipped in/sprayed with hash oil and rolled in kief. The potency of each batch of Moon Rocks depends on the way it is made; the consensus is that they boast around 50% THC.

Why should I try them?

First, it is a unique experience. Second, it provides you with a pleasant, terpene-rich taste of kief. Third, Moon Rocks bring a slow burn which hits the most around 30 minutes later. The high starts in the head and spreads throughout the entire body.

How to make Moon Rocks at home?

Moon Rocks are generally made by using GSC flower and GSC concentrate. However, you can make your own stuff with the ingredients of your choice. Here’s what you need:

  • Favorite strain
  • Favorite concentrate of hash oil
  • A big bowl of kief (you can find it at the bottom of your grinder)
  • Some tongs
  • A liquid dropper

Here’s what you do: 

  1. Grab a nug of a flower or strain of your choice. Try picking one of the denser nugs; it will hold the final product together better.
  2. Grab your favorite concentrate. If it is thick, heat it up until it is a little bit thinner. Use a dropper and cover the bud without having to dip it into the concentrate. (Avoid oversaturation — it will make your rock hard to light up).
  3. Use the tongs to grab the bud. Roll it in kief until the entire nug is covered.
  4. Dry until it is ready. Smoke!

Useful tips

Remember, Moon Rocks are more suitable for advanced cannabis users. The thing brings a mighty high, so even the seasoned consumers will benefit from little preparations.

Glassware is the key
A bong or pipe is quite useful because Moon Rocks are thick and greasy. You have to rip apart piece by piece if you share it with someone; if you are enjoying it yourself, you will not be able to keep it lit like a standard joint.

Finish your to-do list before hitting a pipe
If you have some tasks to finish or get ready to hit the gym, do so before you are trying Moon Rocks. They will make you wasted, and you will probably pass right out. So better safe than sorry.

Do not forget to drink (and eat)
You know what’s real? The cottonmouth is real. Before you hit Moon Rocks, grab a gallon of water because once you get high, you will not want to move. Don’t forget to get some snacks as well — munchies will hit hard.

Couch is best
If you decided to try Moon Rocks, make sure you do so in a comfortable environment. Probably, the smartest thing is to do it on your couch and in front of your TV. Yep.

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