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One-Hitters: A Simple Guide To A Quick Hit


One-hitters are great, but if you’re new to cannabis, you have never probably heard about them.

One-hitters are versatile pipes that come in a variety of styles. Their primary goal is to provide a consumer with a quick hit. These pipes allow help to control dosage, conserve your buds, and keep things simple and clean. Here’s what you need to know about these convenient pipes.

What Is a One-Hitter?

A one-hitter is a small pipe that holds about one hit of cannabis. These pipes come in many different materials and are shaped like a straight tube, with the bowl on one end and the mouthpiece on the other. A wide variety of styles allow a consumer to choose whatever they want — from beautiful glass to cigarettes lookalikes.

How to Use It?

One-hitters make lives easier, that’s why using them is a pleasure. Here’s a concise and straightforward guide:

  1. Pack the bowl end of your one-hitter with ground cannabis. Please make sure it’s packed tight, so the bud will stay in place when the pipe is held horizontally.
  2. Put the mouthpiece in your lips and pull air while lighting the cannabis in the bowl.
  3. Inhale and enjoy!

If you want to ash the bat, tap your pipe against the palm. One-hitters tend to stay clean and ready-to-go at any time.



Due to the compact size, one-hitters provide consumers with one of the most discreet ways to smoke flower. It can be quickly cleaned and stored out of sight. Unlike traditional joints and bowls, the shape won’t give you out because one-hitters look like a cigarette and allow you mimic the same motions while lighting and smoking.


One-hitter help you to prolong the lifespan of your stash. You can’t pack the whole bud in your one-hitter. You can also overestimate your needs which means you may end up with the half-smoked bowl. One-hitters prevent you from over-smoking or over-packing.


One-hitters are a perfect choice if you’re into microdosing. The pipe allows more accurately sized hits which is useful for medical patients and low-tolerance consumers.

The Bottom Line

One-hitters are all-around champs if you want a quick, discreet hit. They can be easily cleaned and hidden right away. If you’re into microdosing, one-hitters are your go-to choice.

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