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Perfect Cannabis Products for First-Timers


We have already written a couple of introductions to cannabis for first-timers. With legalization booming, you may find yourself questioning if you should try it, too. As a first-timer, you may not be aware of all the ways to consume cannabis. Here go tips which will help you to understand what you should choose for the first time.

Vape Pens — If you do not want to get too high

Vape pens with a cannabis oil cartridge are perfect for first-time cannabis consumers. You do not need any skills to set it up — just press a button and inhale. Vapor is easier to consume than smoke, and it is easier to dose (just don’t take big puffs). Oh, and you do not get the smell. Sold!

Tinctures — If you are not ready for edibles, but do not want to smoke

Edibles are a smoke-free alternative that attracts newcomers. However, for many people, the effects of edibles are unpredictable and almost always turn out to be too intense. If you do not want to risk, try a sublingual tincture. It is a cannabis alcohol-based extract. The spirit pulls THC from the plant, thus creating a convenient and potent way to consume it. Compared with edibles, the effects kick in quicker, so it is easier to dose. Put a drop on your tongue and wait. If you want to achieve purely therapeutic effects, find a tincture high in CBD.

Low-Dose Edibles — If you want to try edibles but don’t want to get too high

If you are drawn to edibles, start with a low dose, around 5mg or less. It is a perfect choice for first-timers for getting noticeable effects but avoiding too heavy high. You may want to learn more about microdosing. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to consume cannabis preventing dizziness and promoting calm and relaxation.

CBD Topicals — Medical Effects Without Getting High

For many medical patients, smoking or vaping is not an option. You can achieve desirable effects without even getting high. It is a perfect choice for elder patients who are suffering from aging-related discomforts. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that can be used to treat a myriad of conditions without mental effects.

Patients may also want to try cannabis-infused balms, lotions, and gels to treat pain and inflammation.

Low THC/High CBD Pre-Rolls — Want to smoke but not get too high

Cannabis may be quite potent today; some of the strongest strains are not suitable for needs of first-timers. In this case, opt out to a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio buds. These strains are especially good if you have been on a cannabis hiatus for a long time. To be sure that you have what you want, always check the labels.


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