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California Prop 64: Downsides You Need To Consider

AUMA - Prop 64

We have already written about positive sides of California Prop 64, also known as AUMA (Adult Use of Marijuana Act).

Probably, you have heard that the act would decrease the number of arrests and incarcerations and increase tax revenues. It would save much money and help California develop and flourish. It also would introduce high-tech seed-to-sale tracking system, which brings down criminal activity and transfer of legal cannabis to the black market.

Unfortunately, not everything is unicorns and rainbows. It is time to take a look at downsides. Let’s see what politicians and many big corporations do not want us to know.

California Legislature Could Make Any Changes to AUMA

California Legislature

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The language of proposition turns out to be ambiguous. As findings of Leticia Pepper, Director of Legal and Legislative Analysis at Crusaders for Patients’ Rights in California, show, the State Legislature would be able to amend AUMA anyway it wants, including a complete ban on cannabis. In her words,

Californians have no protections at all under AUMA. One reason you do not have those protections is that 10 lets the legislature amend the Act.

The Section 10 amendment… gives the State Legislature the right to change pretty much anything in the Adult Use of Marijuana Act except its purpose. And its purpose is to raise tax money. So they’re not going to change the purpose of the Act, which is to tax, control, and regulate marijuana as much as possible.

Well, seems pretty gruesome.

Municipalities Won’t See Proposed Taxes

Indeed, the language of the law would allow the State Legislature, with a two-thirds majority, to increase taxes while leaving municipalities without any access to funds. During a public debate in September, Lauren Michaels, a representative of the California Police Chiefs Association said:

96% of…police chiefs say that their local enforcement costs will either go up or stay the same under Prop 64. And that’s because the regulations are on the backs of locals. Unless they apply for a grant, they won’t see a dime from the tax revenue from Prop 64.

Leticia Peppers agrees, stating that:

A special, and unusual, provision in AUMA provides that none of these cannabis taxes will go to benefit the General Fund, or to public schools or community colleges.

Corporations Could Win


The new legislation could potentially open a door for big corporations that are interested only in profit. It puts consumers and communities in danger and destroys the established unique environment of California marijuana market. Leticia Pepper claims that some corporations are already building a distribution infrastructure. Charlo Greene, an owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, supports the claim, saying that ‘any person who cares about social justice first, before business, should vote no for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in California.’

AUMA Could Take You To Jail


The act would create new felonies and misdemeanors. Those caught in violation of the law could receive some serious jail time. After passing, a possession of excessive amounts of cannabis or growing marijuana could send you to jail up to three years. Yuk.

We still urge you to take your time and read the text of Prop 64. Your informed choice will matter, whatever you think otherwise. Be informed, prepare and vote.


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