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A Quick Guide To Clean Water Pipes


Big plans need clean bongs. Right?

Okay, let’s prepare your bubbler for the weekend. Yeah, see that dirt all over? We don’t like it too. We also know that sometimes cleaning seems impossible. But the truth is cruel: dirty bongs are unsanitary and spoil your smoking experience.

Good news: it’s not that hard if you have some proper cleaning products and a little time. We promise, your bongs will be crystal clear. Here is your guide:

How To Clean Your Water Pipe:

  1. Pour out the dirty water. Flush the inside of the bong with warm, fresh water. Empty the bong.
  2. Pour a cleaning solution into your bong. You can use any of the solutions you have, but it’s better to invest some money in a solution designed specifically for cleaning resin out of pipes.
  3. Cover the openings. You can do it by hands or use paper towels, but give a shot to special silicone caps designed for water pipes.
  4. Shake it, baby! Seriously, shake until all of the resin is floating in the cleaning solution. To get excellent results, let the solution soak a little then shake.
  5. Sometimes, a couple of annoying spots will be especially stubborn. In this case, grab a pipe brush and go ahead, clean them.
  6. Pour the cleaning solution out. Rinse the bong with warm water. Still hazy? Pour in some fresh water with the cleaning solution, wash and rinse once again with warm water.
  7. Looks clean? Awesome. Fill with fresh filtered water and go ahead!

Even better news: you can prevent your bong from becoming super-dirty. Here’s how:

Water Stains

Water stains

Use filtered water. Unfiltered spring or tap water with the high amount of dissolved minerals may lead to water stains that are hard to remove. If you want to avoid water stains completely, consider washing your bongs with filtered water.

Mold Stains

Mold stains

Avoid them by changing the water in your pipe daily and cleaning once a week.


Scratches & Breakage

Being careful is the first and primary rule because removing scratches from the glass is a hard thing to do requiring some specific tools and special skills. Get a bong pad to prevent scratches on the bottom and consider buying a hard case or bong bag if you’re going to travel with your pipe.

And the most important rule: love thy bong. Hygiene first, pleasure second!

Hygiene first, pleasure second!


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