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Make It Happen – A Guide To New Year Resolutions 2017

New Year Resolutions

New Year is almost here. We wonder if you have already decided what you wish for in the upcoming 2017. Here go some ways to bring the best new year resolutions to life:

1. Help to implement new cannabis policies

2016 was huge regarding marijuana legalization. Some states won big (yay, California!) but some states got it hard. The best thing you can do in the upcoming year is to support your local businesses and help to implement new cannabis policies. Obey the law, help activists, and talk to politicians.

2. Contribute to bringing legalization on the federal level

DEA will resist. Conservatives will resist. But Americans spoke, and they showed that they are ready to end the stigma. Volunteer, ask how you may help, and let’s make it happen together!

3. Try some new strains

Feeling adventurous? Try new strains. Explore new effects. Find something that works for you. Ask your budtender, browse our marketplace, or just simply google it. Be open to new possibilities!

4. Try to cook healthy food with cannabis

Cannabis is fantastic. You can find a way to consume it even if you do not smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can try our recipes and even invent your own. Go ahead and make your nutrition higher in value. No pun intended.

5. Use more hemp-based products

Find out what you can replace with hemp-based products. Go green, support ecology.

6. Socialize

Find a buddy who’s interested in cannabis and (possibly) activism. Together you would not only enjoy a good joint but also make a difference.

7. Improve your health

Find out more about runners’ high and endocannabinoid system. Take care of your heart. Sleep more, eat well, exercise. Consult a physician if you have any doubts. Relax with a good cannabis strain and don’t let stress ruin your life.

Happy New Year!


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