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Good Joint, Bad Joint: The Science of Rolling


A decently rolled joint goes a long way. It burns even and allows you to enjoy weed to the fullest. It’s a fine art that takes time and patience to master.

Well, we all need to start somewhere. A desire to make a joint burning slower is understandable, and yet few can make it work. Here go five essential tips on how to do it without frustration:

1. Grind it Thoroughly

A fine grind is required for a lasting smoke. It allows your joint to burn evenly on all sides. However, try to avoid over-grinding to prevent getting a powder that can compromise your smoking experience. If you’re busy and don’t have much time to roll a joint, be sure to pick a grinder that accommodates the capacity of your joint so there wouldn’t be leftovers that need to be disposed or stored somewhere else.

2. Quality Matters

Cure time defines how long your joint will last. Under-cured flowers burn slowly, while dry or old buds ignites easily and burn too quickly. Find a dispensary or delivery that source a high-quality cannabis, so you won’t ever regret your purchases. Just ask your budtender so they can help you make a right choice.

3. Know Your Paper

Rolling papers come in all shapes, but you need one that delivers long lasting even burning. To make your experience even better, try hemp or corn husk rolling paper.

Hint: consider using an extra paper. It provides even and slow burning.

4. The Tighter The Better

Airflow is what you need to control your joint’s burn rate. The easiest way to do it is to roll a tight joint. There are some machines to help you with that but we suggest patience and practice rule – and with time your joint will be of unique and very well thought tightness for your particular taste.

Here you may find an excellent method for novices that guarantees tightness and nice burning:

6. “Twax” It Baby

“Twaxing” is a process of adding cannabis concentrates to your joints. It delivers an extra boost of cannabinoids and slows burning. Try to add wax into your joint or apply saps outside and look how even it smokes. It would be a cannabis bomb.

Try this tips and see if your joint will burn better. Remember, only practice makes it perfect. Along with quality weed and good paper.



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