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A Short Guide to Proper Cannabis Storing


It is almost October, and you finally pulled your old jacket from the closet. You put it on and found out a treasure in the pocket. A couple of buds. Looking good but somehow dried buds. You just wonder if they are any good. We are sorry to blow your hopes, but no, probably, you better get rid of them. No worries, we’ve also got your back: follow our guide to storing and never be disappointed again.

Let’s imagine you went on a cannabis shopping spree. The main idea is simple: cannabis is best when stored in cool, dark places. Yeah, like cognac or whiskey. And, as for drinks, there is no expiration date for cannabis if you keep it carefully and following these four rules:


1. Maintain an ideal temperature

First things to remember: avoid mildew and other molds. They pop up and grow between 77° and 86° F. The hotter temperatures will dry your cannabinoids and terpenes, so instead of a sweet, creamy smoke you will get a cough and bitterness.

The best option is to store your cannabis in a relatively cool place. Lower temperatures slow decarboxylation of cannabinoids, preventing transformation of THC-A into the psychoactive THC and its subsequent degradation to the CBN.


2. Control humidity

While warm air is much more moisturized than dry, humidity control is your next big concern. Molds are thriving in wet conditions, so storing your cannabis in a place with a proper relative humidity level will help to preserve and enhance color, aroma, and flavor of your buds.

It can seem tricky, but the optimal range of relative humidity is between 59% and 63%. Lowing relative humidity below 65% will certainly eliminate the chance of mold, but beware of keeping your weed too dry – it will demolish the essential oils.


3. Get rid of light

Sunlight is bad for your marijuana. Period. Have you seen how leafs turn brown under the burning sun? Have you heard about dangers of excessive tanning? In 1976, researchers at University of London found out that cannabinoids stay intact for up to two years when stored out of light and under the proper humidity and temperature.


4. Don’t let oxygen spoil your weed

Oxygen, for sure, is a major component of cannabis growth. But when it comes to storing, you need to find a right balance of air to keep your weed fresh and tasty. Too little air can affect relative humidity. Too much air will destroy cannabinoids in the long run. To maintain a proper amount of oxygen, you can use hand or electric vacuum pump for canning jars.

The Bottom Line

Yes To:

  • Cool, dry places out of light;
  • Glass jars;
  • Hygrometers to control relative humidity levels;
  • Vacuum pumps to decrease oxygen exposure;
  • Sorting strains to maintain flavor.

It would be wise to take a look at ready solutions like Cannador or something similar.

No To:

  • Refrigerators / Freezers – they kill your buds exposing them to mold and making them fragile;
  • Plastic Bags / Containers – they can damage trichomes (use only for short-term handling);
  • Putting cannabis near electronics or appliances that give off heat –  they will dry and damage your buds, so better store it in the basement or on a low shelf;
  • Tobacco humidor – it can spoil a flavor of your cannabis and in some cases can oversaturate it;
  • Storing grinders or pipes with cannabis – paraphernalia may stink of burnt marijuana and damage the flavor of your buds.

What about edibles and tinctures?

Well, follow guidelines on the package and store your edibles as you would keep your food. Tinctures are more resistant to mold and other contaminants (thanks, alcohol!) but a rule of thumb is to follow common sense and the basic guidelines to maintain potency and quality of the products.

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