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Side Effects of THC: Detect, Handle, Prevent

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Sometimes, everything can go wrong. For example, side-effects of medicine can be unpredictable and highly individual. Used for medication, cannabis has its side effects that can pop up unexpectedly, especially if you’re a new user. It doesn’t happen so often, but it’s good to know which risks you can face.

First things first: following effects are caused by cannabis’ main psychoactive component, THC. Different cannabinoids can cause different side effects, and we’ll discuss it later. Today, we list common symptoms, but keep in mind that they may vary.

Side Effects of THC

Red Eyes - Side Effects

Red Eyes

One of the most common symptoms, a source of billions stupid jokes. THC lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels that lead to a rush of blood to the eyes and make them red. In a rare case, it means an allergy to cannabis.

Tip: drink a lot of water and use eye drops. Choose brands that especially focus on relieving redness. Beware using it all the time: some brands can cause dryness if used for an extended period.

Dry Mouth - Side Effects

Dry Mouth

High-THC cannabis strains can make your mouth dry. Why? Because humans have cannabinoid receptors in saliva glands. THC is almost identical to anandamide, a chemical naturally produced in the human body, which binds to these receptors and decreases saliva production. High amounts of THC can exaggerate this effect and dry our mouth almost completely.

Tip: drink a lot of water and keep chewing gum close.

Hunger - Side Effects


For some people, it’s actually beneficial. If you have issues with appetite, this side effect of THC could be good for you because the cannabinoid stimulates areas of the brain responsible for hunger.

Tip: If you feel like you’re going to eat the whole In-N-Out menu, consider high-CBD products to relieve munchies.

Sleepiness - Side Effects


For some people, it’s the desired benefit. THC battles insomnia and helps people rest. Always find out what strain you’re going to consume and be aware of possible effects. Some strains can make you lethargic or sleepy.

Tip: If you want to be active, consider using sativa or high-CBD strains. They uplift mood and alleviate tiredness. Try the cannabis-infused coffee.

Anxiety - Side Effects

Paranoia and Anxiety

One of the worst side effect of cannabis and scare for newbies. Edibles and large doses can induce severe paranoia, while small and moderate doses of THC help to relieve anxiety. Keep in mind that some people are prone to cannabis-induced anxiety as a result of their individual brain chemistry.

Tip: If you feel anxious or know that you’re susceptible to cannabis-induced paranoia, try CBD strains. Dose carefully and consume in a comfortable place with close friends or family.

Memory Impairment - Side Effects

Impaired Memory

Even if it’s temporary, memory impairment can be annoying and interfere with cognitive tasks.

Tip: If you want to avoid it, consider high-CBD strains. Try vitamin B to relieve the side effects and watch the dose.

Additionally, you may experience headaches, dizziness, and breathing issues. If you suspect that your reaction to cannabis is abnormal, contact your physician. If you take some other medicine, consult your doctor on its interaction with cannabis. However, it’s always good to know possible risks you may face when using marijuana. Gathering information and experimenting, you ensure safety and good experience.

If you’re doubtful about THC side effects, consider:

  • Drinking water. Hydration helps to alleviate side effects and keep you healthy.
  • Trying a high-CBD strain (ACDC, Harlequin) because CBD may help to curb the side effects of THC and provide a cozy experience without the psychoactive influence of THC.
  • Starting slow and dosing carefully. Consume consciously and start with a small amount of high-THC products to see how you feel. Increase dosage step by step but don’t overdo it.
  • Using an oil-filled vape. If you don’t like smoking or edibles are too strong for you, try a pen. Using it, you’ll get the full control of dosing, inhale mild vapor and ensure moderate effects.
  • Dosing edibles carefully. Start with a 5mg dose and wait. Then add a little bit more. Listen to your body.