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Spooky Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Three


Spooky Sunday! Rise and shine, vampires! Fly and terrify, witches! Hey, Harry Potter, is it you? How was your night, buddy?

That busy Halloween night has passed, and it’s time to relax and pour some damn good coffee and treat yourself right. We’ve gathered seven best blog posts and articles about cannabis just for you. Boo!

1. Cannabis may enhance night vision

Once, a scientist noted that Jamaican fishers who smoke cannabis or drank rum made with the leaves and stems of the plant could see in the dark. They navigated in the night without compass or lights. Sounds surreal, right? Not anymore. As it turned out, cannabis makes retinal ganglion cells, which fibers form the optic nerve, more sensitive and indeed can improve dark vision.

2. Medicinal marijuana is now legal in Australia

Yay, Australia! Let’s celebrate! The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 finally came into effect on Sunday. Businesses now can apply for a license to cultivate cannabis or manufacture marijuana products for medicinal purposes.

3. Side Effects of THC: Detect, Handle, Prevent

Sometimes, everything can go wrong. For example, side-effects of medicine can be unpredictable and highly individual. Used for medication, cannabis has its side effects that can pop up unexpectedly, especially if you’re a new user. It doesn’t happen so often, but it’s good to know which risks you can face.

4. High Society: Weed

Cannabis is quite popular in the UK. Around half a million people use it for medical purposes, while even more do it for recreation. Vice team interviewed British growers, users, and politicians to figure how they cope with prohibition and what their plans are.

5. Dabs: A Short History of Cannabis Extracts

Hash oil and dab are common names for solvent-based cannabis extracts. From the first sight, cannabis extraction seems a recent invention. However, the process itself has roots in the old practice of botanical extraction. Let’s dive into the history of the cannabis extraction and find out more about this new and hot trend.

6. Weed on-demand startup Eaze inhales $13 million in funding to grow into new markets

California is the largest marijuana market, and it grows. The “Uber for weed” startup Eaze has grown quite a bit over the last year, too. Now, it plans to expand even more. To do it, Eaze has closed on $13 million in Series B funding from Fresh VC, DCM Ventures, and Tusk Ventures.

7. The people against legalizing weed are not whom you might think

California is ready to vote, and Prop 64 is on the ballot. However, who’s supporting it? Many marijuana growers say that they cannot support Prop 64 that would make cannabis legal for recreational use in California. Even with all the taxes, cannabis industry does not want to vote yes. People fears that it would destroy unique Californian infrastructure and bring economic injustice.

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See you next Sunday!

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