Tis’ the season: Happy Cannabis Thanksgiving! - Sweedsy Tis’ the season: Happy Cannabis Thanksgiving! - Sweedsy
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Tis’ the season: Happy Cannabis Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Gather with family and friends, rejoice and rest. Eat, drink, celebrate. Life is beautiful!

Here go some essential tips for those who want make their Thanksgiving even better with cannabis.

  • If you are not sure that your aunt would be happy to catch you smoking marijuana right on her porch, or your father would be mad if he finds a pack of flowers, it is better to use herb secretly. Try cannabis-infused topicals or tinctures – it will help you get through this family gathering and leave no trace of consumption. Just keep your bottle close.
  • If you anticipate an uncomfortable encounter with relatives who know no boundaries, try edibles. Eat them before coming to the house, and by the time of dinner you will be feeling relaxed and don’t giving a… Well, it’s that kind of relaxed, yeah. And ‘when you plan to have kids’ questions won’t matter.
  • If no one pays attention, grab your vape and take a stroll around the neighborhood. Relax without being judged – vapes don’t smell and give manageable effects. Your head will be buzzing pleasantly and a great night is guaranteed!
  • If no one cares, go ahead and bring a joint. Probably, your Grandma would join it as a relaxation after a heavy dinner. Who knows? Just be grateful you’ve got such a cool family. You’re blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving, once more. Don’t let political disagreements and family feuds spoil your celebration. Consume responsibly.

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