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All Things Dabbing — Quick FAQ


Dabbing is popular in the community, and it’s natural for newcomers to wonder — what is dabbing and should I try it? Worry no more, we got your back. Here’s a quick guide to all things dabbing.

Price: What’s More Expensive — Flower or Dab?

A gram of oil costs more than a gram of flower. The potencies can explain it: the bud tends to have around 10-25% THC, while a concentrate can reach 50-90% THC. In small amounts, the price difference is quite steep, but keep in mind that concentrates can be more cost-effective in the long run, especially when it comes to the product’s potency-to-price ratio, brand, and regional market.

Longevity: What Lasts Longer?

It depends. A half gram of oil can last for a couple of weeks. A high-tolerance consumer can go through this amount in a couple of days. It mostly depends on your consuming habits, but in general, a half gram can provide up to 20 dabs.

What About Purity and Potency?

The eye can not determine extract quality, but there are some features you might want to look at while choosing a concentrate. Light and gold-colored oils are often high-quality, while texture and consistency can’t be a sure mark of purity or potency. It’s better to check labels and lab testing results. Those are the only source of measuring of solvent, contaminants, and cannabinoid makeup.

What’s The Difference Between Different Types of Concentrates?

There aren’t significant differences between shatter, wax, crumble, etc. The only thing that makes them different is their consistency and texture.

The consistency depends on the amount of moisture the oil held onto and molecular disturbance. If oil was agitated during the extraction, it may lose transparency and get “wax” texture. If oil gets “caramelized,” it becomes a shatter. Changes in temperature, humidity, and oxygen exposure affect the texture as well. The rule of thumb is to grab the thing you like the most when it comes to its potency and cannabinoid makeup.

How Do I Store Concentrates?

Experienced dabbers tend to store their product in silicone dab containers. Dabs don’t stick to silicone, and it helps to avoid wasting oil.

High: Is There Only THC Dabs?

Most dabs have a significant percentage of THC — and will likely to get you heavy ripped. However, some producers use high-CBD, low-THC strains to create oils with no psychoactive effects. In this case, you get an ideal dab to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Can I Use Them As Medicine?

Yep. Patients who need a dose of THC to relieve nausea, stress, pain or other symptoms may find dabbing helpful. High-CBD dabs are especially useful for easing pain and muscle tension along with other therapeutic benefits.

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