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The Most Unbelievable Ways People Try To Pass A Drug Test


The ominous drug test is the worst nightmare for cannabis users. Many businesses with lucrative jobs require a potential employee to pass it before hiring. Depending on the body, the amount of cannabis consumed, and the intensity of physical activity, traces of cannabis can stay in your system for a long time. Not surprisingly, a short-notice drug screening can send anyone into a frenzy. People get creative, and some ways to pass a drug test they employ can be straightforward ridiculous or even dangerous. Here goes a list of the six most unbelievable ways to pass a drug test.

1. Ingesting Household Chemicals

This method is surprisingly widespread. Cannabis lover and other drug users recommend ingesting small amounts of different combinations of household solvents to change the composition of their urine.

Many people in cannabis online communities believe that drinking copious amounts of drain-cleaner or liquid bleach will help pass a drug test. In reality, these toxic chemicals will burn esophagus and stomach lining which potentially can kill you.

Kids, don’t drink Clorox. Or something like this. Just don’t.

2. Urine Dilution

Okay, this method seems legit. But with today’s technology, it is just an idiot move. Why?

People who test your urine are not fools. They are aware that many people are trying to falsify drug tests. To reveal the cheating they even developed a ton of equipment and testing measures.

Bringing chemicals or water will raise suspicions. Even if you make it past security, urine dilution will be identified later. And it is a dead giveaway that you are cheating a test.

3. Synthetic Urine Substitutes

Getting ready for a drug test on short notice is hard. Some people try to find the best alternative to replace urine with different substitutes.

If you google a little bit, you may find many synthetics urine samples for sale. But some people do not want to spend money and attempt DIY projects. And it is a sure way to ultimate failure.

Some bizarre suggestions include replacing urine with broth. However, chicken soup does not have chemical properties of urine. Any lab technician will laugh in your face when he or she receives your urine sample. So, replacing urine with any food is not the smartest choice.

4. Friend’s Pee

Most people with common sense know that synthetic urine will not make it. What they do is borrowing a cup of pee from a friend.

However, here’s a caveat. How do you sneak your buddy’s urine past security? How do you keep at the right temperature? The last but not the least — do you know your friend’s drug habits? One guy tried to pull it off but got tested positive for cocaine. Of course, he got fired.

5. Fake Genitals

Attempting to sneak urine past security is hard, but some people get super creative. Like, for real. They use fake genitals to pass a test, and for some, it actually works. However, it is too easy to screw the whole thing.

First of all, the false genitals end up looking obvious. Some fill condoms with urine and attach a baby bottle nipple. Made right, this method can help you, but the chance of screwing it is still high (pun not intended). Just don’t wear tight pants.

6. Shaving Hair

We do not even know where to start. People are trying to cover up their hair follicle test by shaving their heads. Like for real, nobody will be suspicious. Like, ever.

The Bottom Line

Passing a drug test is hard but possible if you prepare for the screening. When looking for a job, try to stay away from any drugs. Some people try to find a right detox method by adjusting it to the type of test that employer uses.

The main thing is to follow the laws of common sense. Cheating on your test will get your fired. Be careful, prepare, and don’t freak out.

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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