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Unexpected Risks of Buying Marijuana Online


Buying marijuana online can turn into a dangerous experience. It is particularly risky if you are only looking to ingest CBD. First, your product could be stronger than stated. Second, it could even contain significant levels of THC. Thus, people who want to buy CBD-products online should be especially aware of what they are getting.

How Safe Are Online CBD Products?

Research published this week in JAMA presents results of studying of 84 products from 31 different companies that claim to have CBD content on the labels.

Testing revealed that 42 percent of the products had more CBD than labeled. If you need precise doses, you are in danger. Another way round, if the CBD content is too low; the product is a simple waste of money. More, it is a significant problem for people suffering from debilitating conditions. It is hard to imagine the amount of the suffering they experience if their product does not work at all.

Some CBD products also contained THC. Some people purchase CBD-products because they do not want to get high or get regularly tested for drugs. Parents who treat their ill children with CBD should also be concerned.

Only about 30 percent of the products had accurate CBD contents.

Whom To Blame?

According to researchers, the main reason there are so many mislabeled CBD-products on the market is the lack of regulation from FDA. Cannabis is illegal federally, which means the FDA is not bothered with regulating it. It may have severe consequences for people with debilitating conditions or seriously ill children.

Lack of Regulation

The safety of buying medical marijuana depends on a reliable source. It is smart to ask around for trusted products or risk your money trying some yourself. The system now implies that the consumer does all the research. If you do not want to risk at all, you may end up buying and testing your cannabis products yourself. Without regulation, nobody can know how accurate labeling is.

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(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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