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Five Useful Reddit Communities For Cannabis Lovers


Reddit is a widely popular resource for discussion about virtually every single thing in the world. The site has a vast range of online communities, making it a knowledgeable source of information.

Not surprisingly, there are subreddits for cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. For beginners, discovering these communities may be somehow difficult. Here’s a list of the hottest subreddits about cannabis worth checking out.


Not the most popular subreddit, r/marijuana is a good place to start. The community is an educational hub focusing on policy, advocacy, knowledge exchange, and active discussion. Most of the threads focus on current events and politics, including legalization efforts around the world.

Usually, conversations in the comments section are pretty hot. There you will find a mixed bag of opinions and contributors which gradually expanding the amount of content available for the community. Surprisingly as it may be for Reddit, the conversations are respectful and on topic.


With a million of subscribers, r/trees is soaring in popularity among redditors. Former Reddit’s moderators create the subreddit as a means to build a community around cannabis enthusiasts. You will surely find a wide variety of information related to all things cannabis.

The subreddit is unique among other cannabis subreddits. It embodies the community, with many members identifying themselves as “ents,” an ancient talking tree race from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. Discussions offer positive affirmation of cannabis use and support all kinds of users.


If you are interested in bowls, r/glassheads is the place to be. You will find a good dose of appreciation for the art of glassblowing. The community is centered around collectors of glass art and bowl enthusiasts alike.

Here you will find photos of pipes in all shapes and sizes, and even more. The members are always interested in other glass-blown novelties like q-tip holders, dabber tools, and bangers. Redditors are also encouraged to promote artists, giving an extra boost of exposure to hard-working glassblowers around the world.


This subreddit is huge among the cannabis cultivator community. Of course, there are other growers subreddits, but none compare to r/microgrowery. If you are interested in the horticultural side of the cannabis community, it is a place to be.

You will find a little bit of everything here, from harvest photos to growing methodology discussions. Each discussion goes on a decent and respectful level which makes surfing the subreddit a relatively pleasant experience. Beginners will find plenty of information here, and veteran members make everything possible for you to feel welcomed. The subreddit also offers a beginner’s guide. Here you will find a concise blueprint for where to begin.


If you are into dabs, this subreddit is a must. You will find everything related to the dabbing community here, from pictures of waxes, shatters, and concentrates to methods and products. For those new to dabbing, r/dabs provide a beginner discussion to help with any questions.

For those interested in advice on extraction technology, r/cannabisextracts is the place to check out. The discussion there is centered around advanced technologies.

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