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Weed And Healthy Lifestyle — How To Do Both

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Munchies are real, and if you have not prepared in time, you will experience that dire type of hunger.

According to research, cannabis consumers, however, are more likely than others to be fit. Scientists from the University of Nebraska and the Harvard School of Public Health, cannabis has the potential to improve insulin control and regulate body weight.

Somehow, munchies still can be the reason why cannabis consumers gain weight. Here go six tips how to lead a healthy lifestyle while using cannabis.

1. Throw out the junk food

Being fit is a thing depending on thousand nuances. To keep your form or lose weight, you need to create an environment where you are encouraged to make healthy choices. Don’t deny your munchies — embrace them, but choose pre-cut vegetables to satisfy your hunger.

2. Use cannabis as a sleeping aid

Even a tiny edible dose will have some calories. Smoking and vaping, however, are guilt-free. Schedule your consumption in a way which will help you fall asleep faster and feel more relaxed in your bed.

3. Get high and get outside

For many athletes, cannabis is a go-to thing for performance improvement and recovery. Getting high and going out for a run is a perfect activity to keep your form on top. If you are vaping, choose a sativa strain to keep yourself motivated during a workout sesh. It will also soothe your muscles after exercising.

4. Get rid of alcohol

Many people who use cannabis regularly, decrease their alcohol intake. It can significantly reduce a calorie intake. Additionally, it stops debilitating hangovers and your morning hunger.

5. Cook in advance

Home-cooked meals just get better with cannabis. Cook dinner in advance, load a quick bowl before your meal and just enjoy. You will not be consuming more calories than needed and discover a new taste of your usual food.

6. Eat whatever you want

No one is going to shame you for your food choices. Consuming cannabis improves your wellness, and enjoying an entire pizza is not a big deal. Sometimes we just need some junk food to be happy.

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(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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