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Why And How To Grind Your Weed?


Proper preparation of buds is an essential process for rolling a perfect joint or packing an excellent bong. There is nothing worse than unevenly burning joint or unburned hit of bud disappearing down the stem of the bong. For achieving a perfect weed texture and consistency, grinding seems to be an answer. But why and how to grind weed to get there?


Why grind weed in the first place? Breaking down a flower into small pieces seems counterintuitive for some newbies, but the process allows for cannabis particles to burn evenly and thoroughly. Through burning, cannabis releases cannabinoids, terpenes, and many other chemicals that hit your lungs and deliver their effects.

Of course, there is plenty of ways to break cannabis down. Why use a grinder?

A grinder’s sharp teeth allow to quickly and evenly shred the flower. The grinder’s bowl also helps to keep cannabis in one place. If you try to break a bud with hands, you will get why you need a grinder: the precious flower will be all over the place, diminishing the amount you can use.


Photo: GlowRoad

Photo: GlowRoad

Now we know why it’s smart to use a grinder. The second part is how to use a grinder. Most high-quality metal grinders come with a stack of separate chambers that process the flower.

The first chamber contains rows of sharp teeth on the top and bottom. The idea here is to shred cannabis as you twist the grinder. Between the teeth, in the base of the top chamber, are holes, through which small pieces of bud fall through in the second chamber. It prevents the bud from being ground too finely by the teeth. The ground pot can be collected from the second chamber.

If you want to roll a good joint, here’s a trick. Don’t shred your weed until all the small pieces fall into the second chamber. Instead, mix in some of the partially ground plants that remain in the top chamber. It makes easier to grip the weed inside the rolling paper and roll an even and long-lasting joint.

In the base of the second chamber, you will usually find a screen that allows cannabinoid-rich trichomes to fall through. Thus, you can collect kief in the very bottom chamber, and after some time you will have a little supply of kief to sprinkle on a blunt or bowl.

What else?

Photo: Vice

Photo: Vice

Grinders are a fancy thing that was invented by people who wanted the best possible joint. However, people use other options as well. One of them is, of course, hands. The catch here is the resin that makes the weed sticky. The resin stick to the fingers making your hit less potent. The same resin will stick to the scissors or knives.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind — nicely ground weed enhances smoking experience. Choose wisely!

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