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We can hear you scratching your head. Probably, you’ve never heard about marijuana tinctures. Maybe, you’ve heard something. Let’s dive deeper.

First of all, weed tinctures are underrated. In fact, they have an adventurous history of being the most popular form of cannabis medicine in the United States. Unfortunately, in 1937 cannabis was banned, and tinctures became a myth.

Cannabis tinctures are a great entry point for those who do not want to smoke marijuana but still wants a good and reliable medication. (And you can make them at home. Yay!)

What are cannabis tinctures?

It is a marijuana extract made from spirits. Alcohol captures an active substance and then it can be distilled into a liquid form. Usually, you can buy a bottle at your local dispensary.

How do weed tinctures work?

Tinctures contain all of 85 essential cannabinoids. Brewing utilizes the power of alcohol extraction compared to other methods, relying on high or cold temperatures. THC is converted from the THCA molecules through dissolving with a help of strong (90% and more) alcohol. CBD in this formula reduces the psychoactive effects of THC, and it increases the overall efficacy of tinctures.

How should I dose it?

Easy! The main rule is simple: go small.

Start with a couple of drops under the tongue. Such placement allows the medicine to be quickly absorbed by the arterial system. Blood is a fast way to transport an active substance to the brain and body.

Feel nothing? Wait for an hour, or an hour and a half. Then drop a little bit more. Usually, it works. Avoid over-doing because it can get you awkwardly high.

You can flavor tinctures as you want. The best part of it is that tinctures are low-calorie, so you will not overeat. (But don’t skip a brownie. Cookies. Caramel bites. Yummy.)

You can also add tinctures to your meals and drinks (remember: go small!). It means you can make your juice, ice cream, soup or sauce much, much better.

Store tinctures in dark bottles in a refrigerator. They can last for many years. It allows you to make sufficient quantities of tinctures and have a convenient way to ingest cannabis.

Sounds good. You’ve told I can do it by myself.

Yes. Tinctures are easy to make (no mess!) and relatively cheap. A basic weed tincture recipe looks like:

  • Soak dried and chopped flowers in pure grain alcohol for several days;
  • Shake the mixture once a day;
  • Strain it;
  • Store in the dark place in a bottle.

All you need is:

  • Herb Grinder (or a food processor);
  • Bowl;
  • Strainer;
  • Kitchen scale;
  • Jar;
  • Dark bottles with eyedroppers;
  • Coffee filters;
  • Cannabis flowers;
  • High-proof (at least 90%) alcohol (many doers prefer Everclear).

Probably, you’ve heard of Green Dragons. It means you’ll be familiar with a concept of brewing. There are three different ways to do it, so check it out and decide what do you want to try.

The Fast Brew

It is the fastest way of making a weed tincture. You need an hour or so, just what you need if you want to try tinctures but don’t know where to start. Keep in mind that this method limits the potency of your product.

  1. Dry and grind around 4 grams of flower or trimmings.
  2. Decarboxylate it. It means baking the plant matter at 240 degrees in the oven for half an hour.
  3. Drown your plant in 2 ounces of alcohol. Stir it. Make sure the cover is tight so the alcohol can not evaporate.
  4. Let it be for 3 hours in cold and dark place. The longer you brew, the more potent (and green because of chlorophyll) it becomes.
  5. Stir it gently and pour through the double layer of cloth in a receptacle.
  6. Pour through the cloth once again. Now use your opaque bottle to store the tincture for later consumption. Avoid exposing your product to light.

The Cold Brew

This method is based on plants’ freezing. It allows to maintain the integrity of cannabinoids and raise the tincture potency. That is why it requires the best weed you have.

  1. Decarboxylate flowers and trimmings until they are dry, crisp and crackling.
  2. Put them into a freezer bag. Place them in the cold box for a couple of hours. (And throw a bottle of alcohol there, too.) The important thing is to keep your alcohol and flowers cold as much as possible.
  3. Check your weed. Is it frozen? Good. Grind them into rough chunks in your food processor.
  4. Mix an ounce of shredded plant matter and a quart of alcohol in a sufficient jar.
  5. Shake it! At least 5 minutes, and don’t try to cheat. Ugh. Return it to the freezer.
  6. Every few hours shake it again. You need to do it for the next two days.
  7. Two days has passed. Now strain out the plant matter from the cold liquid through a double layer of cloth and save it for consumption. Don’t forget to squeeze out excess liquid – you can make butter with this plant when it is dried.
  8. Pour your tincture through a filter to remove some particulate and bottle it in opaques bottle.

The Warm Brew

Once, there were no refrigerators. It took a lot of time, but this method worked even with an evil weed. The marijuana tincture you will get won’t be pretty, but it will be powerful.

  1. Decarboxylate flowers and trimmings until they are dry, crisp and crackling.
  2. Mix an ounce of chopped plant matter and a quart of alcohol in a jar.
  3. Cover it tightly.
  4. Shake like crazy.
  5. Hide the mason jar in a brown paper bag to stop the light.
  6. Place the bag on a warm shelf and forget about it for the next month or two.
  7. Once the time has passed, strain out this mixture through a double layer of cheesecloth. Bottle in the opaque bottles as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that these methods will bring you relatively potent tinctures. Depending on the quality and chosen method, your product will contain up to 60 percent of THC in average.

That is a lot. So keep in mind these simple rules once again:


Go small

Really small. Start with a drop.


It takes 15-45 minutes to work and reach its potential in about 90 minutes. Don’t overdo it.

Wait more

The effect will last longer compared to smoking or vaporizing. However, it’s shorter compared to oil-based edible. And once again – go small and don’t overdo.

Topicals are for you if:

You want an alternative and powerful way to consume cannabis 0
You want relatively cheap medication 0
You want to cook and store your medication by yourself 0