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Artemis Brand Delivery
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About us

Artemis Brand Delivery supplies only the finest strains and high-grade products. It aims at becoming a role model for other cannabis companies and, thus, elevating the level of quality of mmj business. Patients and their privacy are the company's highest priority. All the cannabinoid products are made of indoor grown organic ingredients. Each strain is thoroughly sorted and processed using sophisticated technologies to ensure that the customer gets only the best-quality medical cannabis. The strains are tested for mold, pesticides and toxic chemicals. At the moment, the company offers over 20 mmj strains of various tastes and flavors. Besides, Artemis Brand has a wide selection of extracts, edibles, gear and prerolls as well. The personnel are always available to respond to your queries and consult on the matter of strains' medical effects. New customers are always welcome and they receive a free gift.