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Benny's Farm - West LA
DELIVERY ONLY, Los Angeles CA, 90064
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About us

Benny’s Farm is a team of true specialists in high-quality medical cannabis. Our area of expertise ranges from the cultivation of strains, processing and all the way to medical consultation. Moreover, we view it as our public duty to be activists for the rights of our patients to have a safe access to the medication they require. We provide only top-class customer service to every member of Benny’s Farm. Each patient will receive a curated menu by an experienced and knowledgeable volunteer. At Benny’s Farm, we care about the wellbeing of our patients, and that means making sure that every leaf that we sell is completely free of any harmful chemical nutrients and foliar sprays. In order to ensure the best quality of our product we invite award-winning cultivators, and professional chefs to work with us. Moreover, our team of professionals utilizes a fully sustainable technological solution for food growing in space that was developed by NASA. And we use this technology to grow safe medical cannabis for the benefit of you.