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Habibi Meds
5208 West Pico Blvd. #2, Los Angeles CA, 90019
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About us

Habibi Meds is an LA-based dispensary that has been serving the community of its city for a number of years now. Since the establishment, the company managed to get quite a substantial and dedicated patient base. But what’s most important is that Habibi Meds managed to gain trust and a reputation of a reliable medicine provider, working towards the betterment of the entire community. The team at Habibi Meds enjoys getting to know you and is always happy to help you find the answers to your health concerns. The dispensary is fully committed to providing safe access to high-quality medical marijuana for all of our patients. Habibi Meds also offers smoke-free forms of medical cannabis in form of various edibles. Apart from being a medical marijuana provider, Habibi Meds also working towards educating the community in which it operates and finally removing the stigma of a harmful drug from cannabis.